Itchy Canine Whorling Meadow
Tahmores Canine Whorling Meadow
Adem Gryphon Whorling
Faxon Random Whorling
Aquamarine Feline Whorling
Usagi Random Whorling
Varden Weezel Whorling
Poseidon Equine Whorling Meadow
Jacinta Feline Whorling
Cupid's Arrow Equine Whorling
Shada Equine Whorling
Emerald Weezel Whorling Meadow
Beryl Weezel Whorling
Iona Gryphon Whorling
Dragonfire Equine Whorling
Zayit Canine Whorling Meadow
Ruby Weezel Whorling
Midori Gryphon Whorling
Bluebeak Gryphon Whorling
Kin (and Medusa) Feline Whorling
Lavender Equine Whorling Meadow
Hinto Equine Whorling
Milo Canine Whorling
Xia Canine Whorling
Arden Feline Whorling
Magenta Weezel Whorling Meadow
Verdi Gryphon Whorling
Spike Feline Whorling
Freefall Random Whorling
Pyralis Equine Whorling
Aletta Canine Whorling
Glider Feline Whorling Meadow
Indigo Weezel Whorling
Aleda Weezel Whorling
Miette Weezel Whorling
Pumbaa Random Whorling
Jenna Random Whorling
Nyoka Random Whorling Meadow
Pikachu Random Whorling
Nagini Random Whorling
Ratigan Random Whorling
Denver Canine Whorling
Golden Moon Equine Whorling
Turquoise Gryphon Whorling Meadow
Mita Gryphon Whorling
Baina Feline Whorling
Aragog Feline Whorling Meadow
Sparky Gryphon Whorling
Thetis Gryphon Whorling
Tino Feline Whorling Meadow
Elsu Random Whorling
Bikita Random Whorling
Forget-Me-Not Equine Whorling
Hawk Canine Whorling
Felix Feline Whorling
Tale Feline Whorling Meadow
Aderyn Random Whorling
Kallima Random Whorling
Lalita Weezel Whorling Meadow
Accalia Gryphon Whorling
Kieve Gryphon Whorling
Gavan Gryphon Whorling Meadow
Sirius Canine Whorling
Maha Equine Whorling
Teal Equine Whorling Meadow
Tiffany Gryphon Whorling
Apollo Gryphon Whorling
Homer Equine Whorling
Aleshanee Gryphon Whorling Meadow
Porfirio Gryphon Whorling
Rini Random Whorling
Avian Random Whorling
Bayard Weezel Whorling
Brant Weezel Whorling
Arya Random Whorling Meadow
Colby Weezel Whorling
Mariko Weezel Whorling
Skywalker Equine Whorling Meadow
Tress Canine Whorling
Nilima Feline Whorling
Leo Feline Whorling Meadow
Meiling Feline Whorling
Cyan Feline Whorling
Tanis Random Whorling
Wirrn Random Whorling
Alpha, Beta and Gamma Random Whorling
Leonidas Random Whorling Meadow
Azteca Random Whorling
Oriole Random Whorling
Cholena Random Whorling Meadow
Tucker Weezel Whorling
Chatura Canine Whorling
Lucero Equine Whorling Meadow
Neon Feline Whorling
Pascal Gryphon Whorling
Slither Random Whorling Meadow
Hitomi Weezel Whorling
Twyla Weezel Whorling
Dawn Weezel Whorling
Iggy Weezel Whorling
Sunburst Weezel Whorling
Terah Earthsong Tigon Meadow
Kesia Earthsong Tigon
Gaia Earthsong Tigon
Fonda Earthsong Tigon
Savannah Earthsong Tigon Meadow
Aran Earthsong Tigon
Meadow Earthsong Tigon
Ardith Earthsong Tigon
Sharne Earthsong Tigon Meadow
Zola Earthsong Tigon
Crystal Earthsong Tigon
Garron Feline Whorling Meadow
Chase Hunter Cat
Atalanta Elemental Hunter Cat
Kamali Elemental Hunter Cat
Taipa Elemental Hunter Cat
Herne Hunter Cat
Skittles Hunter Cat Meadow
Nebula Hunter Cat
Midnight Hunter Cat
Smuckers Hunter Cat
Amadahy Hunter Cat
Hesper Hunter Cat
Lilac Hunter Cat Meadow
Tao Hunter Cat
Trey Hunter Cat
Thunder Hunter Cat
Meena Hunter Cat
Tiger Hunter Cat
Linnea Hunter Cat Meadow
Namir Hunter Cat
Shasta Hunter Cat
Mauve Hunter Cat
Violet Hunter Cat
Forest Hunter Cat Mutant
Rosa Hunter Cat Meadow
Keira Hunter Cat
Kishi Hunter Cat
Kanika Hunter Cat
Umberto Hunter Cat
Neveah Hunter Cat
Sky Hunter Cat Meadow
Mustard Hunter Cat
Raspberry Hunter Cat
Cricket Hunter Cat Meadow
Kenya Hunter Cat
Aponi Hunter Cat
Splotches Hunter Cat
Daybreak Hunter Cat
Iris Hunter Cat
Lightning Hunter Cat Meadow
Enya Mequis Meadow
Azura Mequis
Kiona Mequis
Edan Mequis
Plum Mequis Meadow
Oran Mequis
Melina Mequis
Admon Mequis
Trifecta Mequis Meadow
Minjonet Mequis
Blood of Ancients Wynd of Change Meadow
Shades of Pastel Wynd of Change
Forest of Pine Wynd of Change
Song of Earth Wynd of Change
Shine of Light Wynd of Change Meadow
Breeze of Morning Wynd of Change
Song of Sorrow Wynd of Change
Sea of Unrest Wynd of Change
Sands of Time Wynd of Change Meadow
Meadows of Summer Wynd of Change
Waves of Peace Wynd of Change
Spirit of Giving Wynd of Change
Branch of Peace Wynd of Change Meadow
Fall of Fission Wynd of Change
Angel of Music Wynd of Change
Gust of Wynd Wynd of Change
Sirens of Time Wynd of Change Meadow
Fire be Burning Wynd of War Meadow
Woodlands as Temples Wynd of Warp Meadow
Requiem of Souls Wynd of Mage Meadow
Hooves like Thunder Wris'Talora Meadow
Tokala Carhawox Forest
Iolani Carhawox Forest
Crevan Carhawox
Gavin Carhawox
Todd Carhawox
Kele Carhawox
Fox Carhawox
Cloud Carhawox Forest
Night Wind Carhawox
Taran Silshar Dragon Forest
Teigra Dru'siti Drigus Desert
Autumn Dru'siti Drigus Desert
Aira Stormbringer Wolf Desert
Solana Stormbringer Wolf
Ciro Stormbringer Wolf
Tempest Stormbringer Wolf
Blue Storm Stormbringer Wolf
Dune Stormbringer Wolf
Pillan Stormbringer Wolf Desert
Ranger Leagus Jungle
Xylia Leagus Jungle
Keita Leagus
Seda Leagus
Silvana Leagus Jungle
Tallys Leagus
Mirage Leagus
Indivar Leagus Jungle
Keir Leagus
Brynn Leagus
Adish Leagus Mutant Jungle
Eros and Aphrodite Leagi
Indira Okea'Tygre Ocean
Kenda Okea'Tygre Ocean
Kaelin Okea'Tygre
Lynna Okea'Tygre
Shasa Okea'Tygre Ocean
Brook Okea'Tygre
Aqua Okea'Tygre
Misu Okea'Tygre Ocean
Nerina Canine Whorling Ocean
Kelpie Equine Whorling
Griffin Gryphon Whorling
Sunila Canine Whorling Ocean
Romana Equine Whorling
Pippa Equine Whorling
Tiburon Equine Whorling Ocean
Hali Equine Whorling
Inverness Random Whorling
Avari Skydance Tigon Plateau
Gagan Skydance Tigon Plateau
Kawena Skydance Tigon
Kya Skydance Tigon
Ziarre Skydance Tigon Plateau
Kaloni Skydance Tigon
Alohilani Skydance Tigon
Empyrean Skydance Tigon Plateau
Isaura Skydance Tigon
Aure and Pavan Skydance Tigons
Welkin Skydance Tigon Plateau
Azure Skydance Tigon
Sora Skydance Tigon
Cielo Skydance Tigon Plateau
Draco Dragon Whorling Mountains
Kaida Dragon Whorling Mountains
Drake Dragon Whorling
Little Flame Dragon Whorling
Ryu Dragon Whorling
Suoh Dragon Whorling
Huyen Dragon Whorling
Long Dragon Whorling Mountains
Ciara Dragon Whorling
Cicada Dragon Whorling
Lumina Dragon Whorling Mountains
Flint Dragon Whorling
Keegan Dragon Whorling
Quade Dragon Whorling Mountains
Gaenor Dragon Whorling
Dugan Dragon Whorling
Terra Dragon Whorling Mountains
Casper Dragon Whorling
Freckles Dragon Whorling
Flavia Dragon Whorling
Hong Dragon Whorling Mountains
Razo Dragon Whorling
Pomegranate Dragon Whorling
Miu Dragon Whorling Mountains
Oanuth Hybrid Catdragon Mountains
Iqueu'Oruh Geperna/Eastern Nazo/Dragon Whorling Hybrid Mountains
Estrr'cerk Hathian/old World/Mixed Hybrid Mountains
Dismal Vaporous Hybrid Catdragon Mountains
Scout Winter Corpadra Valley


     o Canine: 13
     o Dragon: 25
     o Equine: 18
     o Feline: 17
     o Gryphon: 17
     o Random 26
     o Weezel: 20
     o Total 136
     o Earthsong: 10
     o Skydance: 15
     o Total: 25
Hunter Cats:
Stormbringer Wolves:
     o Wynds of Change: 17
     o Wynds of Mage: 1
     o Wynds of War: 1
     o Wynds of Warp: 1
     o Total: 20
Chaos of Color Dragons:  
Grand Total: 275

9/8/05: I've reached Level One Frequent Adopter! (200 critters)