The Alnilam Forest

As you pass into the oddly-colored forest -- all the vegetation is oddly colored around here, you notice -- you are nearly pounced by a creature that resembles a cat with wings and sharp claws.

"Woo!" he woops. "A Traveler! You've come to visit those of us who live in the forest?"

You say you do and the cat purrs.

"Great! My name's Tokala and I'm a Carhawox from the EverRealm. More Carhawox can be found this way, or you can visit the Silshar Dragons. Or, you can go back. It's up to you."

Species: Carhawox
Gender: Male
Meaning of Name: "Fox" in Native American

The creatures inhabiting this area of the forest are from the EverRealm.