Tahmores seems excited as he leads you to Alnilam's resident Wris'Talora. When you ask him why, he explains, "Wris'Talorol are rare. Lisa got this one when she reached two hundred EverRealm creatures, so she's special. Ah, there she is, now. Hey, Thunder!"


The Wris'Talora pauses in mid-prance to look at you. She smiles and canters a circle around you.

"Her full name is 'Hooves like Thunder', but we call her 'Thunder' for short."

"Hello," she says in an accented voice.

You tell her hello, and Tahmores says, "Dark Shadow has taught her a minimal amount of English. Her own language is interesting, Mountain Dyrmin."

You spend a few minutes going back and forth with Thunder, you saying words in English and she repeating them in her language, starting with "hello" and "goodbye" of course. When it's time to go, you bid Thunder goodbye in her language, stumbling over the pronunciation a little.

Tahmores tells you, "You can visit the Whorlings, or return to where you came from. Or, you can visit the Tigons, Hunter Cats, Mequis, or the Wynds of Change, War, Warp, or Mage."

Hooves like Thunder
Species: Wris'Talora
Gender: Female

The creatures inhabiting this area of the meadow are from the EverRealm.