The Alnilam Mountains

You try to avoid the obvious "purple mountains majesty" joke and take a deep breath before starting to climb. Even though you have to stop to rest at regular intervals, soon you're too tired to climb any further. Suddenly, a large shape looms over you, blocking the sun.

You let out a little yelp and fall off the rock you're sitting on.

The dragon chuckles. "Sorry, Traveler. I didn't mean to surprise you. My name is Draco. I am a Dragon Whorling from the EverRealm. Welcome to the mountains. Finding climbing a bit difficult?"

You nod.

"Most usually do. Come on, I'll help you continue to the Whorlings or go to the Chaos of Color dragons, or you can turn back."

Species: Dragon Whorling
Gender: Male
Meaning of Name: "Dragon" in Italian

The creatures inhabiting this area of the mountains are from the EverRealm.