Wynds of War

Feeling very uneasy about a Wynd of War, you nevertheless move forward . . . and leap out of the way as the Wynd leaps into view, fangs bared.

He growls and glares at you. "I am Fire be Burning," he says, "and you are not welcome in my territory."

Inwardly, you wish someone had mentioned these territorial creatures and warned you to stay away. Rather than anger the Wynd any more, you very quickly try to decide which way to go: back, or to the Wris'Talorol, Whorlings, the Tigons, Hunter Cats, Mequis, or the Wynds of Change, Warp, or Mage.

Fire be Burning
Species: Wynd of War
Gender: Male

The creatures inhabiting this area of the meadow are from the EverRealm.