The Alnilam Desert

The first thing you notice about the desert is that the sand had a slight white tinge to it instead of the usual brown or yellow of normal deserts. You remind yourself that you're on another planet and things are bound to be different. The second thing you notice is the large creature drinking at an oasis.

The critter looks up at you. "Oh!" she says. "A Traveler! Great! My name is Teigra and I'm a Dru'siti Drigus from the EverRealm. You thirsty?"

In this heat, you most definitely were. You bend down over the clear pool and drink your fill, finding the water very tasty.

"So, you're here to visit those of us who live in the desert?"

"Yep," you respond.

"Good. Follow me. The Stormbringer Wolves live this way and more Drigetti live here. Or, you can go back."

Species: Dru'siti Drigus
Gender: Female
Meaning of Name: "Tiger" in Greek

The creatures inhabiting this area of the desert are from the EverRealm.