Chaos of Color Dragons

"What's a Chaos of Color Dragon?" you ask Draco as he takes you farther up the mountain.

"Ah, they're very special. We're honored to have them living with us. The first one you're going to meet is a Catdragon."

You only have a brief moment to wonder what a Catdragon is.

He watches you with his large purple eyes that seem to look right through you. Draco nods to the large critter ( . . . would that be an oxymoron?) and says to you, "That's Oanuth, a Hybrid Catdragon." He sticks his pointy nose in your back and whispers, "Say hi . . . he likes it when visitors are polite."

I heard that, Draco, says a voice -- obviously Oanuth's -- in your mind.

You gulp and tell Oanuth hello and that you're pleased to meet him.

"Nice to meet you, too," Oanuth says verbally and chuckles as you jump in surprise. "I can use both telepathy and verbal speech. Oh, if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to go." He disappears.

"Yeah, he can teleport."

Draco says, "I can take you back down the mountain, if you wish, Traveler. Or, you can go on."

Parents: Abbi and Dadosrislth
Clutch: Seven
Species: Hybrid Catdragon
Gender: Male
Color: Black-Furred Purple and Green
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech,
Charm, Bend Light, Alter Physical Form: Crystal
Height: 16'
Length: 52'
Personality: domestic, home-loving, dangerous

The creatures inhabiting this area of the mountains are from the EverRealm.