Wynds of Warp

A Wynd that warps, eh? Fascinating. You enter the area that it's supposed to be inhabiting, yet see nothing. Then, a portal wreathed in leaves and vines appeared. The Wynd stepped through.

"Oh!" he says, slightly startled. "Welcome, Traveler. My name is Woodlands as Temples and I am a Warpwynd, or Wynd of Warp."

You introduce yourself and spend a few minutes chatting with the Warpwynd.

"You can go back from here," he says finally, "or you can go visit the Wris'Talorol, Whorlings, the Tigons, Hunter Cats, Mequis, or the Wynds of Change, War, or Mage.

Woodlands as Temples
Species: Wynd of Warp
Gender: Male
Info: Wynds of Warp are omnivorous in nature, eating small
creatures and plants. They are more magically tuned
than the Wynds of Mages, though this means that their
power and magical immunity are the same.

This Warpwynd has the power of plant-earth magics.
They, as all Warpwynds, can create a portal that can
lead to any land a Wynd has been. Being
plant-oriented, this portal will be wreathed in leaves
and vines.

The creatures inhabiting this area of the meadow are from the EverRealm.