The Alnilam Ocean

The long walk to the beach was worth it, with its white sand and crystal clear water. You contemplate going for a dip when you see a large shape swimming towards the shore.

"Ah," she says, "I thought I saw someone up here. Hello. I'm Indira, an Okea'Tygre from the EverRealm. You want to visit those who live in the ocean?"

You casually mention that you can't breathe underwater and Indira smiles. "Not to worry. Be back in a second." She dives under the water and comes back a moment later with a shell on a string held in her teeth. "Wear this around your neck and you'll be contained in a bubble of air allowing you to breathe. So, slip it on, dive in, and join me. You can visit more Okea'Tygre, or some Whorlings. Or, you can opt out altogether. What's it gonna be?"

Species: Okea'Tygre
Gender: female
Meaning of Name: "God of Heaven and thunderstorms" in Hindi

The creatures inhabiting this area of the ocean are from the EverRealm.