My name is Lisa and this is my place. Please use the links below to navigate and enjoy your stay.
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       ~ November 8, 2015 - I HAVE FOUND! A VERSION OF FRONTPAGE!! THAT WORKS WITH VISTA!!! Can you tell how ridiculously excited about this I am? :D As such, I am completely rebuilding my website to fix all the wrong that Word and KompoZer caused over the years and with my laptop's resolution in mind since it's way different than the 800x600 monitor I used to have. So when you find things are broken, bear with me. They'll be fixed eventually. YAY FRONTPAGE!!!! ^^ Though if anyone has a free version of Paint Shop Pro 8.0 to give me I'll gladly accept... (update 2018 -- I got that now too!)



    ~ Creative Disarray is my online library where you can find my fan fiction. Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Early Edition, House MD, Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, Power Rangers, Ratatouille, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, The Tomorrow People, and Torchwood (not all fandoms currently have stories). There are also crossovers, alternate universe stories, and stories expanding on things that have happened in the blog (link below). Kindly take note of the warning in red above and please don't waste your time flaming me. Much appreciated.


    ~ Alien Lisa (affectionately known as AL) is the reason I have the aforementioned warning. She is my "alter ego" who stars in most of my stories. This section contains all the information about her that you need as well as a chronological list of my fan fiction in the order the stories happened to her.


    ~ The Planet is the page focusing on the topography, et. al. of the actual planet named Alnilam.


    ~ The Blog is where AL hangs out at the house on Alnilam with her guys (plus one). Currently on hiatus until I get the website sorted. Or something.


    ~ The Unicorns of Alnilam are the indigenous species of the planet. There's information on each of the unicorns as well as background trivia and my own art. The Fairycorn subspecies can also be found here.


    ~ My art pages for the things I've drawn and what has been drawn for me over the years.


    ~ This vocals page holds the voice recordings I've made over the years.


    ~ The adopted inhabitants of Alnilam where different creatures from other realms live separate from the unicorns. NOTE: These pages were made a very long time ago and they probably show it.


    ~ Kind of like an FAQ but not really.






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