My name is Lisa and I was born on June 30, 1983. I am from the great state of New Jersey, married and am mother to the most beautiful girl in the world. My other prized possession is my Quarter Horse/Spanish Mustang named Shada. My miniature dachshund, Itchie, passed away in September 2016. I am the youngest of three; my brother and sister are 12 and 11 years older than I, respectively.
    My hobbies include but are not limited to reading, writing, making houses on The Sims 2, fiddling around on the Internet, reading and writing fan fiction, horseback riding, line dancing, watching TV and movies, listening to music, playing video games and occasionally drawing. One day I hope to create my own book series based on the Unicorns of Alnilam.
    My sisters from other misters are Crossover Chick (my Inspiration Fairy), Ashley Venable, Kristyn Martz, Nikki Jeske, Ashley Wilson




    ~ Movie: Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, Labyrinth, Star Trek 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and the three reboots
    ~ TV Show: Doctor Who, The Librarians, Agents of SHIELD, Chopped, Restaurant: Impossible, Jonathan Creek, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star Trek in all forms
    ~ Anime: Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Chobits
    ~ Music: My "Owl City" station on Pandora
    ~ Books: Harry Potter, Partners in Time
    ~ Animals: Dogs, cats, horses, unicorns, dragons
    ~ Games: The Legend of Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Pokémon, Pikmin


    The domain was so named because when I created Alien Lisa (AL), she needed a planet of origin. Orion the Hunter is my favorite constellation and the belt was especially easy for me to find so I looked up the names of the stars. They are, from left to right, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. I picked the middle one for ease of location and ultimately decided that the planet Alnilam orbits the star Alnilam and is almost identical to Earth, however there's a perception filter around it so that anyone looking at the star who doesn't know AL would see what Real Life says it is: the 30th brightest star in the sky (the 4th brightest in Orion) and a blue-white supergiant.
    As stated, Alnilam is virtually identical to Earth except the vegetation (grass, trees, flowers, etc.) is multicolored, the water is simultaneously silver and crystal clear, the sky is lavender and the sun (the Alnilam star) is gold. The planet itself is divided into sections: the small meadow (where AL's house is located), the forest (where Woodhorn patrols, where the Gates are and where Janis Thorn lives), the large meadow (where the other unicorns live), the jungle (where the dinosaurs are surrounded by a powerful force field and perception filter run by the color-shifting unicorn Kamelion), the mountains (where there's at least one dragon), the plateaus (which, like the other areas, house the adopted inhabitants of Alnilam), the volcanoes (which Magma controls) and the ocean (where Atlantis the mernicorn lives).
    This domain was purchased from Active Web Hosting on July 22, 2003.






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