The forest is where the Gateways to and from the planet will manifest. The Gates appear as a shimmering mist between two identical trees and they can be to anywhere and, rarely, any time. Woodhorn has appointed himself as Guardian of the Gateways and he takes his job very seriously. There are paths for humanoid individuals to pass through the area safely and if one were to stray from those paths they will find themselves quickly face-to-face with a very angry unicorn stallion who tends to attack first and ask questions later.

The Gates aren't easy to find but are capable of being stumbled upon if one is successful in wandering around the forest without Woodhorn catching them. Animals can naturally find the Gates especially if they've already met someone from Alnilam previously.

Another unicorn that roams the forest is the very dangerous Janis Thorn and he will not hesitate to attack anyone and anything that comes into his territory. His horn secretes a poison that paralyzes and then kills the victims.

As on Earth, there are animals that live in the forest and may also have other colorations due to exposure to the atmosphere in addition to animals that have passed through a Gate and decided to stay.

There are creatures in the forest that have been adopted from other realms as well. They tend to keep to themselves unless requested.

A Gateway.






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