The large meadow is where the Unicorns of Alnilam live/congregate. There is ample grass for consumption (the unicorns have mentioned that the different colors are different flavors) and clear rivers and streams for hydration. The area is large and open for the unicorns to exercise and play if that is their want; shade is few and far between but it can be found (or created if certain unicorns are there) if it's needed.

Although the unicorns are the dominant species of Alnilam, other animals similar to those found in the meadows of Earth can be found in the meadow of Alnilam; additionally, animals from elsewhere may have passed through a Gate to Alnilam and decided to stay. Exposure to the atmosphere of Alnilam may cause different coloring of these animals than can be found on Earth.

Also roaming around the meadow are creatures that have been adopted from other realms. They tend to not get involved in the unicorns' business unless asked.






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