Jareth, Lisa, and Stella -- [Unknown] Myself, the Goblin King, and Stella 5 after Jareth had an encounter with several of them (Stellas). Needless to say, he's scared out of his wits. Heh.

PO'ed LJ Bio Pic -- [Unknown] Old bio pic for LiveJournal. Cropped for use here.

Sad LJ Bio Pic -- [Unknown] Taken from this image from my old Mixed Art page.

Got Yer Hat! -- [Unknown] A sketch of me holding the Fifth Doctor's hat.

Holding Hands -- [Unknown] A sketch of me holding the Fifth Doctor's hand.

Wanted! -- [Unknown] Ah, yes. This is the picture I did of me wanting the secret eggs and key from Banjo-Kazooie before we knew the mechanic was dummied out of Banjo-Tooie.

Ringmaster Lisa -- [Unknown] Myself as a Ringmaster. Drawn after seeing the Ringling Bros. circus.

I Love You -- [Unknown] Incorporating lyrics from me and Luke Skywalker's song: Celine Dion's "I Love You" from the "Falling Into You" album.

Floor Plan to AL's House -- [Unknown] I'd made this back when I was making AL's house on The Sims.

Elf -- [Unknown] This was originally drawn by Julie Crowley. I just colored it.

Rainbow-Tailed Songbird -- [Unknown] An Alnilam bird that sings a sweet song when it's happy. A trail of rainbow light follows it as it flies.

Blue-Jeweled Bird -- [Unknown] A bejeweled Alnilam bird. Jewels around its neck, on its tail, and at the tips of its wings.

Oddness -- [Unknown] This was originally drawn by Julie Crowley. I just colored it.

Unicorn and Girl -- [Unknown] Painted to be Mystic and myself.

Calla Lily, Wind Chaser, and Aureate -- [Unknown] Old image for an old story (and it shows, hoo boy). Aureate is Lily's mother.

Calla Lily -- [Unknown] Another old image for the aforementioned old story.

Veia -- [Unknown] A custom unicorn I did for someone.

Cefwyn -- [Unknown] A custom unicorn I did for Jessica Dragontamer.

Tiffany's Unicorn -- [Unknown] A unicorn for a little girl I used to know.

Solstice -- [Unknown] A unicorn for Jessica Roy.

Glyphs 01 and Glyphs 02 -- [Unknown] These were based on V's magic system in her Forgotten Vows fanfiction universe. More info here.

Beetlejuice -- [October 16] The Ghost with the Most.

Lisa and Goldy -- [November 6] Photo manipulation with a twist.

So...who belongs to whom? -- [November 7] Alternative title: "OMG! Lisa drew a humanoid?!" Me and Goldy.

Uni-Fluffy -- [November 16] A unicorn version of my cat.






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