Your Future is in Safe Hands -- [January 14, 2023] -- First art of 2024. The scene from the end of the updated An Adventure in Space and Time. Don't worry, Bill. Everything's going to be okay.

AL and Data Reunite 2 -- [January 26, 2023] -- I drew them hugging last June. It's been 22 years since his death in Star Trek Nemesis, and her wings are not blue because she is over-fucking-joyed he is alive and they are together again.

AL and Fifteen -- [February 4, 2023] -- I had a dream with Fifteen in it, so I drew him and AL together.

Data, AL, and Rising Fog -- [February 8, 2023] -- Data, AL, and featuring in art for the first time since 2001 her Kinsellan flit Rising Fog, who was her companion throughout her time in the Star Trek universe. Kinsellan flits were an adoptable back in the day by Jessica Dragontamer.

Brent Spiner and AL at the 2024 Saturn Awards -- [February 11, 2023] -- I literally bought the rights to a photo of Brent in a tux at the 2024 Saturn Awards so I could draw this picture of them there together. AL has temporarily traded her signature red jacket for a red shawl for this event. I realized while I was posing the CSP model that gdi her wings tend to get in the way. I briefly toyed with the idea of having her back to the viewer, but then her wings would cover her dress. I myself am not a fan of dresses, but AL likes to be pretty when supporting her friends and the actors who play her romantic partners (or, in this case, the actor who plays her android husband ^^). So she's got the one lowered enough so he can put his hand on her shoulder.






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