AL and Five -- [January 11, 2023] -- First art of 2023. I'd had a dream I was holding the Fifth Doctor, so I drew this. Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the poses and pictures for the faces.

Theo's Jaguar -- [January 19, 2023] -- I drew this for my coworker who's a new father. The baby's nursery is jungle themed. Kitten picture reference from here.

Lisa's Aura -- [January 19, 2023] -- I was told that my aura is TARDIS-blue with a shiny shimmer. I can't do shiny very well.

AL and Eleven -- [January 20, 2023] -- Along with dreaming I was holding the Fifth Doctor, I dreamt I was kissing Eleven. The only way I could get the poses right was to sit him on a chair because Matt Smith is 6'11" and I'm 5'3". Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the poses and pictures for the faces.

Gacha -- [January 22, 2023] -- My daughter's Gacha character, as requested and designed by her.

Typo Fairy v 2.0 -- [January 22, 2023] -- I'd decided to redraw the Typo Fairy from 2018. Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the pose and wings.

Dragon!Gladys -- [February 2, 2023] -- I was on a TikTok live with Gladys and someone mistook "dragging" for "dragon" and I volunteered myself/got requested to draw her as a dragon. Screenshot of our queen and a Clip Studio Paint 3D model for reference.

OC Pokémon -- [February 26, 2023] -- Came across a TikTok to create an original Pokémon. See my video here.

Another OC Pokémon -- [March 3, 2023] -- Another TikTok challenge. My video is here.

"Who talks like this?!" -- [March 24, 2023] -- Mark's reaction to the line he'll never forget in his first ever audition for Star Wars is adorable. I figure AL would be hanging out in the room with him and give him a little sympathetic cuddle.

AL and Fourteen -- [March 27, 2023] -- CASTING SPOILERS FOR THE 60th ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO! As of this posting, we've only gotten trailers for the 60th so no idea what's going on in it but knowing what goes on for the Doctor after a regeneration we all know he's going to need a cuddle at some point.






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