AL and Five -- [January 11, 2023] -- First art of 2023. I'd had a dream I was holding the Fifth Doctor, so I drew this. Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the poses and pictures for the faces.

Theo's Jaguar -- [January 19, 2023] -- I drew this for my coworker who's a new father. The baby's nursery is jungle themed. Kitten picture reference from here.

Lisa's Aura -- [January 19, 2023] -- I was told that my aura is TARDIS-blue with a shiny shimmer. I can't do shiny very well.

AL and Eleven -- [January 20, 2023] -- Along with dreaming I was holding the Fifth Doctor, I dreamt I was kissing Eleven. The only way I could get the poses right was to sit him on a chair because Matt Smith is 6'11" and I'm 5'3". Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the poses and pictures for the faces.

Gacha -- [January 22, 2023] -- My daughter's Gacha character, as requested and designed by her.

Typo Fairy v 2.0 -- [January 22, 2023] -- I'd decided to redraw the Typo Fairy from 2018. Clip Studio Paint's 3D models for the pose and wings.

Dragon!Gladys -- [February 2, 2023] -- I was on a TikTok live with Gladys and someone mistook "dragging" for "dragon" and I volunteered myself/got requested to draw her as a dragon. Screenshot of our queen and a Clip Studio Paint 3D model for reference.

OC Pokémon -- [February 26, 2023] -- Came across a TikTok to create an original Pokémon. See my video here.

Another OC Pokémon -- [March 3, 2023] -- Another TikTok challenge. My video is here.

"Who talks like this?!" -- [March 24, 2023] -- Mark's reaction to the line he'll never forget in his first ever audition for Star Wars is adorable. I figure AL would be hanging out in the room with him and give him a little sympathetic cuddle.

AL and Fourteen -- [March 27, 2023] -- CASTING SPOILERS FOR THE 60th ANNIVERSARY OF DOCTOR WHO! As of this posting, we've only gotten trailers for the 60th so no idea what's going on in it but knowing what goes on for the Doctor after a regeneration we all know he's going to need a cuddle at some point.

AL and Data Reunite -- [June 4, 2023] -- Spoilers for Star Trek Picard Season 3. Her wings are not blue because she's over-fucking-joyed he's alive again.

AL's Wedding Dress -- [July 10, 2023] -- AL doesn't normally marry her romantic partners because she normally has a psychic link with them. With an android and a positronic brain, however, that link is impossible. In the shuttle en route to the Fleet Museum in Star Trek Picard Season 3 Episode 9 "Vőx", Data takes her to the side and proposes. He tells her she need not answer him then, but to wait to see if they survive this last encounter with the Borg. In Episode 10 "The Last Generation", in the adrenaline rush of Data's "My gut tells me I can do this!" maneuver, she tells him "Data, my answer is yes." The crown part of AL's veil is alternating amethyst and aquamarine stones to symbolize the two months Data had been activated: February for the initial activation and April for his resurrection. Their rings are designed to resemble the gold color of his old android body. Data and AL were married on Alnilam in 2403, two years after reuniting in Season 3 Episode 8 "Surrender", officiated by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. Geordi was Data's Best Man and Riker and Worf stood as his groomsmen; Deanna was AL's Maid of Honor with Beverly and (to thank her for her aid in bringing Data back) Geordi's daughter Alandra as her bridesmaids. Also in attendance was Guinan, Seven of Nine, Raffi, Jack, Geordi's other daughter Sidney, Voyager's EMH, Vic Fontaine, and, of course, the Unicorns of Alnilam and AL's flit Rising Fog. And there were a couple of surprise guests, too.

AL and Data's Wedding -- [July 16, 2023] -- I wish I did faces better. *sigh*

Genesis AL -- [August 13, 2023] -- OK so Trekkies if you remember the episode of Next Generation called "Genesis" where the crew de-evolves, this is going to be what AL turns into (draconic, as suggested by ChatGPT actually). My kid talked me into using a photo of my face instead of the dragon head model I wanted to use. Not that you can tell it's me rofl I put the hair over most of the face on purpose. Oh, she's protecting Captain Picard from the rampaging de-evolved Worf because that's what she does.

Art Challenge: Baby Dragon -- [August 19, 2023] An art challenge by Weaves ‘n Rings on TikTok. My video is here.

AL Emotions Series v 2.0: Happy -- (August 26, 2023) Redrawing my AL Emotions Series using Clip Studio Paint's 3D models and a photo of my face.

Secundus!AL and Adam -- [September 1, 2023] -- This was drawn for Jason David Frank's birthday. Alternate Universe AL and Adam Steel (his character in "Cybertron", what wound up being VR Troopers) from "Secundus", a NaNoWriMo fanfic written by a friend. The butterfly is named Ferdinand, and the corgi is Lightning.

AL Emotions Series v 2.0: Angry -- (September 5, 2023) Redrawing my AL Emotions Series using Clip Studio Paint's 3D models and a photo of my face.

AL and Her Ranger -- [September 21, 2023] -- This was drawn for Jason David Frank's birthday. AL and Tommy in their various forms. Whenever the Rangers morph, she shape shifts into a winged unicorn to help. When she did this for the first time, Red Ranger Jason quips that she looks more like his companion than Tommy's. Tommy quips back that at least she has dragon wings to go with his Dragonzord. In response, AL snorts and touches his Power Coin with her horn, causing green energy to crackle over her turning her horn green and putting green highlights in her mane and tail. She does this with every subsequent color.

AL and Gary -- [September 24, 2023] -- This was drawn for Kyle Chandler's birthday. AL and Gary Hobson from "Early Edition".

AL and Jamie -- [September 29, 2023] -- This was drawn for Frazer Hines' birthday. AL and Jamie from "The Two Doctors". We're just admiring your diplomatic skills, Doctor. I shared this on Xitter to Frazer and he ♥-ed it!

AL and Dex -- [October 8, 2023] -- This was drawn for TJ Roberts' birthday. AL and Dex in civilian form and transformed. She takes on antennae and a green horn to symbolize her connection to him.

AL and Luke and Grogu -- [October 13, 2023] -- This was drawn for Mark Hamill's birthday. AL and Luke and Grogu from The Book of Boba Fett.

Ace Dragon 2023 -- [October 14, 2023] -- Drawn for Ace Week 2023 (October 22-28). Ivy the bearded dragon is the model.

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary -- [November 22, 2023] -- AL with all 16 Doctors she's known.

AL and Zordon -- [November 27, 2023] -- Because she is not part of the morphing grid, AL must be left behind when Alpha sends the Rangers to Phaedos. Although she does her best to help Alpha repair the destruction done by Ivan Ooze, she can't help but be drawn to Zordon lying in his damaged tube. Sensing her presence, he weakly asks her to sit with him. She looks around to find something suitable before she realizes that he means for her to sit on the edge of his tube; she expresses that she feels that doing so would be disrespectful, but he whispers, "...please..." and so she does as he requests. She settles herself beside him and quietly asks if she could touch him. Zordon grants her permission to caress his face and he takes comfort in the first physical touch he's had in many thousands of years.

Jamie and AL -- [December 7, 2023] -- After seeing Frazer's return in "Tales of the TARDIS" I wanted to hug him, so I drew this. I shared this on Xitter to Frazer and he ♥-ed it!

Sukie -- [December 22, 2023] -- My coworker's daughter's dog, requested as a Christmas present.






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