NOTE! 2022 is the year I began creating the Unicorns of Alnilam section of the website.
Although that involved creating art, it is not guaranteed that that art will wind up on this page.

Slider -- [February 6, 2022] -- First art of 2022. Slider can move through different universes and, at the expense of a large amount of energy, create a portal so others can do so as well. Time lapse is here and pose reference is here.

Asexual Asperger's Cover Art -- [February 21, 2022] -- A very dear friend of mine has been getting hate for her diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome due to some negative connections the name has, so she created a safe space on Facebook for asexuals who have the diagnosis who have gone through the same and asked me to do the cover art. Featured as dragons is Ivy the bearded dragon and the late Elon Musk the Mediterranean gecko. Pride flag images came from Google.






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