NOTE! 2022 is the year I began creating the Unicorns of Alnilam section of the website.
Although that involved creating art, it is not guaranteed that that art will wind up on this page.

Slider -- [February 6, 2022] -- First art of 2022. Slider can move through different universes and, at the expense of a large amount of energy, create a portal so others can do so as well. Time lapse is here and pose reference is here.

Asexual Asperger's Cover Art -- [February 21, 2022] -- A very dear friend of mine has been getting hate for her diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome due to some negative connections the name has, so she created a safe space on Facebook for asexuals who have the diagnosis who have gone through the same and asked me to do the cover art. Featured as dragons is Ivy the bearded dragon and the late Elon Musk the Mediterranean gecko. Pride flag images came from Google.

Non-Binary Unicorn -- [July 18, 2022] -- In my endeavors to be all-inclusive, I decided to create a non-binary unicorn. I'm taking name suggestions.

Someone To Hold Me Tonight v.3 -- [September 17, 2022] -- On October 24, 2001 I drew this. After seeing The Last Jedi, I decided to redo the picture, this time with humans and so on January 24, 2018 I drew this. After dreaming of Luke, I decided to redraw it with a different pose reference. Pose reference from Null-Entity and Tasastock here, wings reference here.

Happy Birthday Mark Hamill -- [September 25, 2022] -- It's Mark Hamill's 71st birthday and I decided to draw this. The poses came from Clip Studio Paint's 3D models and assets and the glow is from Confused Muse's Glow Tutorial on YouTube.

This is more like I saw it in my head -- [October 2, 2022] -- Same idea as Mark's birthday art, but different pose and more how I saw it in my head. The poses came from Clip Studio Paint's 3D models and assets and the glow is from Confused Muse's Glow Tutorial on YouTube.

"It's okay to not be okay, Q." -- [October 7, 2022] -- This takes place after the Voyager episode "Death Wish". Q goes to AL for comfort after Quinn's death, uneasy about the whole situation. Side Note: The in-universe year for "Death Wish" is 2372. The year Star Trek First Contact takes place is 2373, so since Data and AL are together by then I'm figuring he's away on assignment and she's cat-sitting Spot at whatever Starbase they've been stationed at while the new Enterprise is being built after D was destroyed in Generations. The poses, the wings, and the couch are all from Clip Studio Paint's 3D models and assets and pictures of mine and Q's face for our faces.

AL and Jamie -- [October 14, 2022] -- This takes place during the 1985 episode "The Two Doctors". In this scene, they are in the bowels of an after-a-battle abandoned space station where Jamie had been left by himself for an undetermined amount of time (enough for him to become delirious from the isolation). It's dark, hence AL's wings glowing. She's comforting him after he's told her, the Sixth Doctor, and Peri about what had happened on the station and how he believes the Second Doctor had been killed (spoiler: he wasn't). Poses and wings from CSP's 3D things, and the glow of the wings again from Confused Muse's Glow Tutorial.

Far Away -- [October 16, 2022] -- Named after AL and Six's unofficial "Our Song" and I'm gonna put the lyrics where they would fall if I could do a music video or animation, and praise Clip Studio Paint's brushes and pattern things otherwise his coat would've driven me absolutely bonkers. This needs a backstory beyond "this takes place during this episode of Doctor Who". Firstly, after the Doctor regenerated from Five to Six, their relationship was very strained due to his erratic behavior. The link didn't sever, but it did weaken considerably and she rarely gave him physical affection like she did with his previous self (holding or hugging him, etc.). So, it's The Trial of a Time Lord season (1986) and we see in the serial "Mindwarp" Part 4 (Part 8 overall) that the Doctor was taken out of time by the Time Lords. Peri went on to become a Warrior Queen with King Yrcanos but AL wasn't so lucky. Abandoned on the chaotic planet, she teleports out trying to find the Doctor but is unsuccessful. She would go home to Alnilam, then has a few small trips before meeting Doc and Marty in 1983 Hill Valley and forming close friendships and even considering Doc a member of her family. In 1985, when Doc returns in the Train with Clara and his sons, she feels like he doesn't need her anymore but before she has the chance to act on those feelings, she's taken out of time (like Mel and Glitz had been) and brought to the station where the Doctor's trial is being held ("The Ultimate Foe" Part 1 and Part 13 overall) (So far away, so far away...). She comes out of the coffin/transport and sees the TARDIS (Been far away, for far too long...). She goes to the ship and touches it (So far away, so far away...), then heads for the door to the trial room (Been far away, for far too long...). The Inquisitor reacts (But you know...), the Valeyard reacts (and even though he's the amalgamation of the darker sides of the Doctor's nature, he recognizes her as someone he loved/loves so he gives a little gasp or something other than just a look) (you know...), the Doctor reacts (you know~...) and she goes to him and wraps her arms around him (music sting), hugging him for the first time in a long time (♪I wanted, I'd wanted you to stay...♪). His reaction is surprise at first that she's giving him affection (♪'Cause I needed...♪), but then utter relief and he holds her tightly (♪I need to hear you say...That I love you (That I love you)...I have loved you all along...And I forgive you (And I forgive you)...For being away, for far too long♪). See my faux music video on my YouTube.

Ace Dragon 2022 -- [October 23, 2022] -- For Ace Week 2022 I was given the idea of "Dragon drawing a dragon" and I had the idea that the late Elon Musk the Mediterranean Gecko should be drawing Ivy the bearded dragon.

Power of the Doctor Spoiler -- [November 5, 2022] -- I had to draw this after seeing "The Power of the Doctor".






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