Chester and Family -- [January 17, 2021] -- Commission number two for a coworker. I was asked for this before Christmas, but as he said I didn't have a deadline to finish it the procrastination really hit hard on this. Look up Tim Urban's TED Talk on procrastination and you'll see where I'm coming from.

Ice-Breathing Cherry-Blossom-Colored Dragon -- [February 11, 2021] -- I'd mentioned on my Facebook that I had art I wanted to art but had no motivation to art, and one of my friends told me to draw dragons. I asked any kind of dragons in particular, and she said, "How about an ice breathing flying dragon with cherry blossoms in the design color.. Mix of cool colors and hot." and thus I drew this. The ice is Clip Studio Paint brushes.

Hug from Empire -- [February 19, 2021] -- I stg I had to beat AL's left wing into submission to get into a position I was comfortable with. *huffs* Yes, replacing Leia with AL after Luke's rescue below Cloud City. Her right hand is blackened due to the link manifesting his injury. Wings reference here.

Ace Fairycorn -- [March 25, 2021] -- I was inspired by a post in the Facebook Asexual Support Group saying "I wish asexuals had a little mythological creature to be our own personal friend when lonely". Several years ago I created an off-shoot of the Unicorns of Alnilam and called them fairycorns. They are summoned to be friends and companions to anyone who needs them, so I drew this ace-colored one. The hand reference came from AdorkaStock's 50 hands pack, and the pose reference came from Google.

Asexual Pride -- [June 18, 2021] -- I wanted to do something for Pride Month, so here's AL with the ace flag. Pose reference from here, wings reference from here.

Custom Unicorn for Miss L -- [August 5, 2021] -- A custom unicorn for the daughter of one of my TikTok followers. I posted a very poor time lapse due to not knowing how Clip Studio Paint's feature worked. Pose reference from here.

Not Reptar -- [August 10, 2021] -- This was supposed to be my dragon form incorporating my favorite colors -- red, green, and purple. However, it turned out to look more like Reptar with wings. :/ For the record, I'm one of those dragons that sit on the shoulder and blow smoke at anyone I don't like. Pose references from here and the TikTok time-lapse is here.

Custom Unicorn for Sky -- [August 21, 2021] -- A custom unicorn for the daughter of another one of my TikTok followers. Pose reference from here and THE BEST TIME-LAPSE YET is here on my TikTok.

#CodeMerlin -- [September 5, 2021] -- An upcoming giant collaboration involving over 20 TikTok creators of the #GladysAndHerSouls #DepartmentForLostSouls hashtags. I'M SO EXCITED!!! Dragon pose reference from here; JC's pose reference here. TikTok time-lapse is here.

Custom Monkey for Smokey -- [September 9, 2021] -- After I did Sky's unicorn, her brother requested a blue monkey with a heart on its belly and yellow ears. Pose reference from here and time-lapse is here.

Shayla's Butterfly Mermaid -- [September 11, 2021] -- A butterfly mermaid requested by one of my TikTok followers. Pose reference is from AdorkaStock's mermaid collab pack that can be found on her Patreon/Gumroad and time-lapse is here.

Sheila's Purple Dragon -- [September 18, 2021] -- A purple dragon for one of my TikTok followers. Might get turned into a tattoo! Our model is Scully's own Mediterranean gecko Elon Musk. Time-lapse is here.

Rainbow-Bellied Unicorn -- [September 19, 2021] -- Mascot of the Department of Lost Souls' Rainbow Bridge. Pose reference is here and the time-lapse is here.

Sultan-- [October 3, 2021] -- My interpretation of Sultan the Hungarian Horntail (and of all the dragons she could've picked it had to be one who has wings on their arms and not extra limbs...) who escaped the Rainbow Bridge during #CodeMerlin on TikTok. Pose references from here and time-lapse is here.

Ace Dragon 2021-- [October 24, 2021] -- Dragon for Ace Week 2021. A little more angry this year than others since I've been going through some work drama. Pose reference from here and time lapse is here (warning: music has the "f" word).






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