Victor and His Pokémon -- [January 18, 2020] -- The same friend who ships Victor Van Dort from Corpse Bride and Alice Liddell from American McGee's Alice wrote a fanfic in which they obtain for themselves a corgi they name Lightning. When I saw Yamper from Pokémon Sword and Shield I showed it to her, and she said that he'd definitely have one plus the other butterfly/moth-based Pokémon, so I had to draw them all. If you want to be technical, they're not all on his team since there are eight instead of the required six. Pose reference is from here. Pokémon references from Bulbapedia.

Doc Thirteen -- [January 29, 2020] -- After watching this video, I showed it to the friend mentioned above (who is also a fan of the Back to the Future franchise) and she had a giggle and then said she'd like to see Thirteen in Doc's 2015 outfit. Everything is traced from various images off Google.

AL Embarrassed -- [February 15, 2020] -- Fourth in the AL Emotions series: Embarrassed. Pose reference here; wings reference here.

AL Death -- [February 22, 2020] -- AL Emotions Series Bonus 1: Death. The blue is there because she's sad, but AL's wings turn black when someone she's linked to is dying. This is Five's regeneration scene from "The Caves of Androzani" and yes I took a screenshot and turned Peri into AL. She did not get the spectrox toxaemia; her hand and head is reflecting Five's injuries due to the link. I was going to leave this one for last, but the image wouldn't leave me alone. This is a bonus because "death" isn't an emotion, but her wings change color anyway. Wings reference here.

AL Scared -- [February 22, 2020] -- Fifth in the AL Emotions series: Scared. Pose reference here; wings reference here.

AL Jealous -- [February 23, 2020] -- Sixth in the AL Emotions Series: Jealous. I made both the Significant Other and the Eye Candy look like Danganropa antagonists because AL's relationships are loyal. Pose reference here; wings reference here.

AL Sick -- [February 23, 2020] -- AL Emotions Series Bonus 2: Sick. Again, "sick" isn't an emotion but being nauseous brings a color change. Pose reference here; wings reference here. For context, here's an excerpt from Fateful Encounters (my fanfic where AL meets Luke Skywalker):
     They had been traveling for a while when, suddenly, the control panel let out a spark. The droid squeaked in surprise, pulling its arm out of the socket. Upon losing the contact, the ship shook and bucked, showering the two with more sparks. Lisa yelped and flinched away, afraid the sparks would start a fire.
     The ship started to hurtle towards the ground. The droid rushed back to the control panel and plugged back in, trying to get control back or at least soften the landing. Lisa threw herself back into her chair and held on tight, wishing the makers of this ship had thought to include seatbelts.
     Up, down, up, down they went as the droid gained and lost control. Lisa was feeling quite queasy when, finally, they made a hard landing somewhere in the dark desert. Shakily, she stood and headed for the door, touching it so it would open. The metal separated from the bulkhead falling down onto the terrain outside and she quickly breathed in fresh air. She sat down on the door with her head on her knees, waiting for her stomach to remove itself from her throat; even her wings had taken on a greenish tinge.

AL "SadMad" -- [February 28, 2020] -- Seventh in the AL Emotions Series: "SadMad". I can't describe this emotion any other way; her wings will turn purple when simultaneously angry and sad. Pose reference is here; wings reference here.

AL's Height -- [February 29, 2020] -- First of a new project: Heights. AL is 5'3" with a 15-foot wingspan (a bit longer if she stretches). Pose reference here; wings reference here; height chart from here though I had to double it.

Cover -- [March 15, 2020] -- The original image being used for my DeviantART cover, featuring myself (even though I don't use paper and pencil anymore) and AL. Pose references here for me and here for AL; wings reference here.

Fire & Water -- [April 07, 2020] -- Atlantis and her mate, Magma. This is a re-draw of an old piece of art that I can't find. Atlantis is a mernicorn; Magma is the Master of Volcanoes. Pose references came from here.

Stay Safe -- [April 8, 2020] -- Dr. Lisa Alli'nam is my character from Sno's webcomic Mirrored Promises. I also made a censored version for posting on sites that require it. Medical PPE referenced from Google; pose reference from here. Link to the webcomic (but content warning as the story is not for everyone) is here.

Doggo Says Happy Birthday in Igbo -- [April 9, 2020] -- I've made a friend from Nigeria and his village language is called Igbo (pronounced ee-boh). He told me his birthday is in April and I told him I'd draw him a picture. I asked what his favorite animal was and he said dogs, so I drew him this and wrote "Happy birthday" in Igbo. See this video on how to pronounce it. Pose reference is here; the dog's name is Flint.

Dr. Lisa Alli'nam -- [April 19, 2020] -- Another image of my character from Sno's webcomic Mirrored Promises. Pose reference is here. Link to the webcomic (but content warning as the story is not for everyone) is here.

Comforting the Angel of Music -- [April 22, 2020] -- Guess what I've been obsessed with since the stream! XD Never mind he looks nothing like Gerard Butler (the version that AL meets . . . I think I'm gonna rewrite that fic) or Ramin Karimloo (the version from said stream); then again, the woman looks nothing like me either because doing exact likenesses is really freaking annoying. Pose reference is here and wings reference is here.

Woodhorn -- [April 25, 2020] -- Woodhorn, one of the Unicorns of Alnilam and the self-appointed Guardian of the Gateways (and one of grimmhooke's favorites of my characters). He patrols the forest to ensure no one comes through the Gates that could pose a threat to Alnilam's inhabitants.

Medicus -- [May 1, 2020] -- The Healer of the Unicorns of Alnilam and grimmhooke's other favorite, Medicus. That cart was a pain in the backside!! Originally it had a shelf with his serums and remedies and stuff on it but I got tired of making it work so away it went. Pose reference is here. I did another version of this with brainy specs because a friend of mine likes them (he doesn't need them; they're just for show).

The Fish That Loved the Bird -- [May 9, 2020] -- My entry to a fanart contest for the webcomic of the same name. Wings reference is here. Pose reference is here.

Hermes -- [May 13, 2020] -- Hermes, the Messenger of the Unicorns of Alnilam. As a pony, he's the smallest of the herd. His wings aren't much for flying, but they're good for running REALLY fast (think Scootaloo from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic but minus the scooter). Just call his name and he'll be there no matter the weather. My head-voice for him has always been the late Jerry Nelson; specifically the voice of Gobo Fraggle. Canadian accent and all. Pose reference is here and wings reference is here.

Mistral -- [May 14, 2020] -- Mistral the filly. She has the ability to control the weather (specifically create a shield around her and someone else -- she can't make it big enough for Medicus and his cart but Medicus alone yes . . . or, say, a certain Opera Ghost and his horse). Watch me draw this here. Pose reference here. Wings reference here.

"My life may be infinite but my memory isn't." -- [May 24, 2020] -- A scene from my fic where Erik reunites with AL after the events of the 2004 movie -- I just haven't figured out whether or not the mask will be off at the time yet so I did two versions (she's seen his face before; it doesn't bother her). He's just recovered from being ill and wakes to see her writing in a notebook. She tells him that she's writing down what's been happening because while her life is infinite, her memory is not. AL's pose reference is here. Pose reference for the hand holding the pen is here. Erik's pose reference is here via Null-Entity. Wings reference is here. Furniture reference is here. Maskless version is here.

AL Doesn't Play Favorites (Yes, She Totally Does) -- [June 5, 2020] -- AL's top three are the Doctor, Luke, and Data. If she ever tells you she doesn't play favorites, she's lying through her teeth (and anyone she's linked to knows it). Pose reference is here, wings reference is here.

AL Dark -- [June 10, 2020] -- AL Emotions Series Bonus 3: Dark. Yes, "dark" isn't an emotion but her wings, well, glow in the dark. Pose reference is here, head reference is here, wings reference is here, droid reference is from Google, Clip Studio Paint glow tutorial here, chair reference is from here. This is another scene from Fateful Encounters after she finds the ship that will eventually be hers and an overly-emotional WED Treadwell droid she'll eventually nickname "Treads".  Have an excerpt for context (and yes I know he's not near a control panel . . . I was annoyed enough with the chair):
     She met the droid back in the cockpit where it had plugged its good arm into the control panel. It glanced in her direction when she came in, looking up at her and beeping in what sounded like an
awed manner. Lisa was confused at the reaction for a moment until she realized it was because her wings were glowing in the slight darkness of the ship, making her look ethereal.
     “If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, stop it,” she said to the droid, pointing an admonishing finger. She didn’t know if this galaxy was familiar with angels like the people of Earth were,
but she felt she’d better nip this in the bud right now just in case. “It’s dark in here. They glow in the dark. Nothing special.”

Sleep Talk -- [June 25, 2020] -- The Doctor had cemented themselves so deeply into AL's psyche that anyone she's ever been linked to thereafter is kind of "haunted" by this ghost from her past. You'd think that being in a relationship with an android (and thus the link is impossible) would avoid this particular quirk, and you'd be right except for one thing: AL talks in her sleep. Her Kinsellan flit, Rising Fog (nicknamed Jamie), can only speak telepathically, so Data can't hear him. One night while AL was cat-sitting Spot she falls asleep on the couch. Data decides to leave her there and hears what he interprets as a "call for medical attention" and Rising Fog (only AL is allowed to call him Jamie) has to somehow explain what's going on without waking her. I'm thinking some kind of sign language. And yes I cut off his legs because I didn't feel like trying to finish off the couch.  Kinsellan flits are the property of Jessica Dragontamer. Spot's reference is from here, Data's couch reference is from screenshots of TNG (and I had to make it longer because his couch is not big enough for someone to sleep on), Data's pose reference is from here, AL's wings reference is here, and AL's pose reference is from here.

Aislin -- [August 8, 2020] -- One of the Unicorns of Alnilam, Aislin has power over dreams. He can sense when an individual is in desperate need of his services, inhibit the average nightmare, help the dreamer take control of the dream, aid the dreamer with understanding what their unconscious mind is trying to tell them, and can cause small inanimate objects to pass from the dream world into the real world and vice-versa. Pose reference is here. Age-wise, he is a senior; he was Mirage's best friend when she was alive. And please don't tell him he has a girl's name.

Pikachu and Eevee -- [August 8, 2020] -- My daughter wanted me to draw Pikachu and Eevee for her friend at summer camp. I traced it from the image on this website.

New Art Header -- [August 16, 2020] -- New version of the art header for my website, featuring AL, me, Hermes, Pikachu, and Smeargle. Me and AL's pose reference was requested from SenshiStock. Pokémon poses from Google. Wings reference from here.

Zach Needs a Hug -- [August 26, 2020] -- When Deadly Premonition 2 came out, I immediately read all the TV Tropes and then sought out videos of the cut-scenes. By the end, I (and AL) wanted to give the poor guy a hug. I won't spoil anything else; let's just say, his life between the first and second games has not been kind to him. Pose reference is here via Null-Entity. Wings reference is here.

AL, Zach, and Patti -- [September 19, 2020] -- My Need to Cuddle™ this man is overwhelming, so I drew this. I'd assume that after the events of the end of Deadly Premonition 2, Zach would need to be looked at at a hospital and Patti would go with him (yes she's supposed to have flowers on her dress but I got lazy). AL will show up not long after to give him a cuddle. Here's a bit of what happened while I was drawing this: Me: *drawing, coloring AL's wings, erases bits that the wings would hide* AL: Hey, b*tch. My wings are supposed to be transparent in this. You ain't hiding sh*t. Me: ... *swears and proceeds to redraw the erased bits because it's too late to ctrl+z* Zach and AL's pose is here via Null-Entity and Patti's pose is here. The hospital bed is from here and wings reference is here.

AL and 13...again -- [October 9, 2020] -- I wanted to draw this after I dreamt I was protecting the Doctor from the Master. Pose reference is here via Null-Entity. Wings reference here.

Ace Dragon 2020 -- [October 26, 2020] -- Ace Dragon for Ace Week 2020 (October 25 - 31). What's that you say? Looks like a cat? Yeah, that's because I used one for a reference photo. Both cat and cake photo references from Google.

She Protecc -- [December 5, 2020] -- During The Last Jedi, when Rey confronts Luke about the truth of what happened between him and Ben Solo and pulls the lightsaber on him, AL jumps between them and reveals she has a lightsaber, too. I'm not sure who AL's angry with: Rey for attacking Luke in the first place or Luke for hiding the truth. Probably both. Rey's pose reference from here. AL's pose reference here. Luke's pose reference here. Wings reference here. Rain and rocks are Clip Studio Paint brushes.

Guinea Pigs - Pet Portrait Commission -- [December 13, 2020] -- My very first Fiverr commission! A trio of guinea pigs.

Morty - Pet Portrait Commission -- [December 19, 2020] -- This was actually my third commission, but I had to complete it second because the requestor needed it before Christmas.






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