Jake -- [January 5, 2019] -- First art of the year, third in the "bird series". This is Jake.

Victor and Alice -- [January 12, 2019] -- VICTOR VAN DORT YOU AND YOUR BIRCH TREE FRAME ARE A PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE!! Pose reference is from this picture and trying to make a buff guy into skinny Victor was a trial and a half. Victor and Alice references are from their respective Wiki pages. This is a gift to a good friend of mine who ships these two.

Red Unicorn -- [January 19, 2019] -- A red unicorn. Watch me draw this here.

AL Happy -- [January 27, 2019] -- First in the AL's Emotions series: Happy. Pose reference here; wings reference here. Watch me draw this here.

AL Sad -- [January 28, 2019] -- Second in the AL Emotions series: Sad (specific scene is right before Luke dies in The Last Jedi, because if it were during her wings would be black instead of blue). Pose reference here; wings reference here.

AL Angry -- [March 4, 2019] -- Third in the AL Emotions series: Angry (alternative title: Oh Shit That's a Lightsaber and I Just Attacked Luke Skywalker's Girlfriend). Pose reference here; wings reference here.

Friends -- [May 12, 2019] -- Me, Sno' and Banrai. Pose reference from here.

Mirage -- [March 4, 2019] -- My ghost unicorn, Mirage. Glow tutorial is here. This is her solid form and sometimes she can't hold it. Her skeleton form is here.

Clarisse -- [June 1, 2019] -- Clarisse's owner posted a gorgeous picture of her that turned out to be a great reference photo.

Hachi -- [June 12, 2019] -- This is my co-worker's Alaskan Malamute, Hachi.

Chen -- [June 15, 2019] -- Sno's doggo, Chen.

Munky -- [June 15, 2019] -- Last of the "bird series" because it's her last bird: Munky.

Itchie -- [June 16, 2019] -- My late miniature dachshund.

Po -- [June 16, 2019] -- Having drawn equines, birds, and dogs I'd asked on my Facebook for pictures of cats to try next. Po is the cat of one of my brother's friends.

Felix and Oskar -- [June 16, 2019] -- These two brothers are the cats of a former co-worker. This one was a little more difficult due to the lighting on the original picture, but I tried.

Levi -- [June 22, 2019] -- This is my co-worker's Boxer, Levi. He's so cute I want to smoosh his face!!

Bradley -- [June 22, 2019] -- Bradley belongs to one of my brother's friends. And it's not as in Cooper; I asked. :)

Bubba -- [June 25, 2019] -- This kitty belongs to one of my former coworkers. Tabbies are hard.

Shada Headshot -- [June 26, 2019] -- I decided I needed to draw equines more realistically rather than my style, so I started with Shada.

Bandit -- [July 4, 2019] -- When assembling your Husky, please remember to follow directions. Bandit belongs to my brother and his wife.

Shada Full Body -- [July 6, 2019] -- Done in a more realistic style than my own.

Happy New Baby -- [July 11, 2019] -- A gift for a friend who likes unicorns. The other two foals represent her other two children.

AL and 13 -- [July 31, 2019] -- I. Hate. FACES! Also, I'm almost positive our heads are not in proportion to our bodies but I'm just so sick of fiddling with this. Pose reference from SenshiStock's Buddy Pack.






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