Someone To Hold Me Tonight v.2 -- [January 24, 2018] SPOILER FOR THE LAST JEDI! THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE BUT STILL SPOILER! On October 24, 2001 I drew this. After seeing The Last Jedi, I decided to redo the picture, this time with humans. Pose reference from here, wings reference here, shoe reference here. Done in about eight hours over three days.

AL with Porgs -- [February 3, 2018] -- This was just something I wanted to draw as I practiced drawing humanoids. Pose reference from here, wings reference here, porg reference here. She's wearing a cloak over her sleeveless duster.

Clip Studio Paint Sno -- [July 4, 2018] -- For my birthday I got a Huion New 1060 PLUS tablet at the recommendation of Sno', so I figured the first art I drew with it should be her.

Nobody Told Me They Weren't Flight Capable -- [July 11, 2018] -- This piece took ages but I'm extremely proud of it. When AL first takes Delphin form, she doesn't know that their wings aren't flight capable and goes SPLAT as a result.

Star Wars AL -- [July 21, 2018] -- Another that took ages. The pose was traced with permission from here. I traced a photo of my face for my...face. The wings were freehand, the lightsaber was lines, and the blade was done in Photoshop.

Just Sleep... -- [July 26, 2018] -- These digital arts have the tendency to take ages, lol. Banrai and Sno' often mention the fact that they have trouble sleeping. I don't think that my presence would make it any easier, but it's something I think about since I'm so far away.

Saying Good Luck -- [August 24, 2018] -- This one is mostly traced since I'm still working on humanoids. The pose is from here (I flipped it, took away the belly, and moved his hands), the wings from this Pinterest. I traced my face for my face and Luke's face from a screenshot from A New Hope. The helmet is very poorly traced from here and the X-Wing is a basic line. This would take place just before Luke leaves for the attack on the Death Star after the scene with Biggs.

Zebra -- [September 2, 2018] -- This is a gift to the pregnant manager at my local Jersey Mike's. Her nursery is themed with giraffes, zebras, etc. so I decided to draw her a zebra.

Typo Fairy -- [September 7, 2018] -- The Typo Fairy, who is holding a letter N because that particular key doesn't respond correctly on my keyboard at work. Pose traced from here.

Expecto Patronum! -- [September 21, 2018] -- I've been rewatching the Harry Potter films and after watching Prisoner of Azkaban I decided to draw this. According to Pottermore, my Patronus is a Mountain Hare. Pose traced from here.

Shada Head Shot -- [October 6, 2018] -- Shada's headshot for an ad for commissions. $5 for a head shot.

Shada Full Body -- [October 6, 2018] -- Shada's portrait for an ad for commissions. $10 for a full body.

Anteater-Riding Scorpion -- [October 8, 2018] -- After drawing the previous picture I showed a coworker and he mentioned that his Patronus was, apparently, an anteater but he identified more with a scorpion. So I said "how about I draw a scorpion riding an anteater?" and thus this was drawn. The scorpion was originally darker but it wouldn't show up when printed so I had to add white.

Ace Dragon -- [October 23, 2018] -- I drew an ace dragon for Asexual Awareness Week (October 21-27, 2018).

Ace Unicorn -- [October 27, 2018] -- An ace unicorn for the end of Asexual Awareness Week.

Stanley -- [November 17, 2018] -- Stanley is the late cockatoo of the sister of a friend. I wanted to try drawing something that wasn't equine in nature.

Clarisse -- [December 23, 2018] -- Second in the series, her Amazon Clarisse.






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