Someone To Hold Me Tonight v.2 -- [January 24, 2018] SPOILER FOR THE LAST JEDI! THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE BUT STILL SPOILER! On October 24, 2001 I drew this. After seeing The Last Jedi, I decided to redo the picture, this time with humans. Pose reference from here, wings reference here, shoe reference here. Done in about eight hours over three days.

AL with Porgs -- [February 3, 2018] -- This was just something I wanted to draw as I practiced drawing humanoids. Pose reference from here, wings reference here, porg reference here. She's wearing a cloak over her sleeveless duster.

Clip Studio Paint Sno -- [July 4, 2018] -- For my birthday I got a Huion New 1060 PLUS tablet at the recommendation of Sno', so I figured the first art I drew with it should be her.

Nobody Told Me They Weren't Flight Capable -- [July 11, 2018] -- This piece took ages but I'm extremely proud of it. When AL first takes Delphin form, she doesn't know that their wings aren't flight capable and goes SPLAT as a result.

Star Wars AL -- [July 21, 2018] -- Another that took ages. The pose was traced with permission from here. I traced a photo of my face for my...face. The wings were freehand, the lightsaber was lines, and the blade was done in Photoshop.

Just Sleep... -- [July 26, 2018] -- These digital arts have the tendency to take ages, lol. Banrai and Sno' often mention the fact that they have trouble sleeping. I don't think that my presence would make it any easier, but it's something I think about since I'm so far away.






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