Art Header -- [February 9, 2017] When I decided to redo the Art section of my website I needed a new header, so I drew this. What it is is that I was going to paint the word "ART" on the giant piece of paper that AL is holding, but the S Birds decided to take it upon themselves to form the word instead. I'm saying that that works. Rowlet was added because Pokémon and Pikachu's addition was my daughter's suggestion.

POOF! You're A Dragon! -- [February 11, 2017] After I posted the above picture to my Facebook, my friend Scully said "make me a dragon", hence "POOF! You're a dragon!"

My Unicorn Thinks You're A Moron -- [May 26, 2017] Done in Fresh Paint with a touch screen laptop and stylus. One day I want to put a similar image on a t-shirt. :)

Banrai -- [May 29, 2017] Banrai doodled in Fresh Paint.

Snowhawk -- [May 29, 2017] Snowhawk doodled in Fresh Paint.

The Newest Eeveelution: Patreon -- [May 30, 2017] Done in Fresh Paint. According to a friend of mine, this is what happens when you give Eevee money every day for a month.

Lisa Loves Banrai -- [June 5, 2017] Done in Fresh Paint for Banrai when she was feeling bad.

Alien Lisa (Star Wars) -- [June 7, 2017] Done in Photoshop and an example of why I don't draw people.

Oddish -- [June 9, 2017] Done in Fresh Paint for Carrie.

Magikarp -- [June 12, 2017] Done in Fresh Paint in honor of Magikarp Jump.

Magikarp with Background -- [June 23, 2017] I felt the above 'Mon needed some water so the white bits would be more visible.

Pikachu -- [June 23, 2017] The next Fresh Paint 'Mon in line.






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