Kione -- [February 3, 2007] Kione, drawn for Snowhawk for her birthday.

Adian -- [February 3, 2007] Adian was supposed to be drawn for Sno's birthday in 2006 but it was a year late, hence why it's here.

New New Doctor -- [February 19, 2007] Having watched all of Doctor Who Season 2, I decided to draw the Tenth Doctor and AL in a "publicity photo".

Nikki's Dragon Snail -- [February 21, 2007] Part of an art trade with Nikki.

Embrace -- [March 7, 2007] Based on this cut scene from "Dalek", only with AL and the Doctor rather than the Doctor and Rose.

Stick!AL -- [April 2, 2007] A stick-figure AL, inspired by the creator of the Torch Sticks.

How I Have Missed You -- This was drawn for someone very special who had gone offline for a long time and then came back. I miss you.

Confetti and Cookies -- [May 5, 2007] Judging by the date, I'm pretty sure I drew this for Banrai's birthday. As it says, I'm throwing confetti and cookies.

Ben Birthday 2007 -- [May 6, 2007] Drawn for my ex-fiancÚ's birthday. It's me, him, and the Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek: Voyager in the uniforms from the future timeline from Next Generation's "All Good Things..." and Voyager's "Endgame".

Medicus -- [July 12, 2007] Medicus as he was originally drawn for the Unicorns of Alnilam section of my website.

He Needs Me . . . -- [July 13, 2007] SPOILER FOR THE DOCTOR WHO SEASON 3 FINALE "LAST OF THE TIME LORDS" This is from "Last of the Time Lords". You can read my story for the gist.

Watching -- [July 19, 2007] This is a scene from my story, The Wrath of Caan. AL is supposed to be watching a computer program, but her mind is starting to wander.

Art Meme -- [October 8, 2007] As it says on the tin.






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