Dragon Sno' -- [January 12, 2003] Dragon Sno'.

Rufus -- [January 12, 2003] A sketch of everyone's favorite naked mole rat.

Mmm, soapy -- [January 13, 2003] My 'Rai chewing on me. I really have PJs that color.

Dark and Lisa -- [January 20, 2003] Dark Shadow and myself, tied to a chair.

Janus and Lisa -- [January 20, 2003] When I got custody of him, I drew this.

Woodhorn and Grimmy -- [January 20, 2003] An odd pairing if ever there was one.

For Sno' and 'Rai -- [January 29, 2003] A gift for my two sisters. Version with a background can be found here.

This is what happens when the mother is bored! -- [January 29, 2003] Alida asking her Uncle Ben a very important question a month in advance.

Lost, But Never Forgotten -- [January 31, 2003] Sno's character, Fugiri.

Happy Birthday, Snow! -- [February 2, 2003] A birthday gift for Snow (yes, I realize the wrong date is on the pic . . . ).

Oof... -- [February 7, 2003] 'Rai sitting on me.

From This Moment On -- [February 10, 2003] Valentine's Day gift to my now ex-fiancÚ.

Catfight -- [February 11, 2003] An illustration to go along with my friend's story, "Catfight".

Amika and Mirage -- [February 12, 2003] "Everything she touches seems to die.....literally.....But not if they're already dead....." Amika, a silver kitsune belonging to 'Rai and Mirage, my ghost unicorn. I got the texture wrong on Mirage, though, when I colored her.

5 (Alternate) and Jareth -- [February 17, 2003] An alternate Stella 5 (a.k.a. the nice one) and Jareth, the Goblin King.

Half Secret Snow Prezzie -- [March 7, 2003] "Half secret" because she knew she was getting something, just not what.

There's no better place to fall asleep... -- [March 9, 2003] A gift for my sister.

Circus 'Rai and Lisa -- [March 26, 2003] Drawn either before or after I saw the 133rd edition of the Ringling Bros. circus. I also colored in Photoshop.

Grimmy and Medicus -- [April 2, 2003] A pairing I understand much better: Grimmhooke and Medicus.

Akili and Stella 3 -- [April 16, 2003] Akili and Stella 3 together.

Alanna and Janis Thorn -- [April 20, 2003] A birthday gift for my friend, Ami.

Kaitlin's Get Well Card -- [April 21, 2003] A get-well card for my cousin. It's in 3 parts, so click on the 3 links of the title for each picture.

Grimmhooke and Plushies -- [May 6, 2003] Grimmy with plushes of NoFace from Spirited Away and my unicorn Woodhorn.

Alida and Banrai -- [May 27, 2003] Another image of Alida and 'Rai.

Snowhawk Is A Pony Whore -- [May 28, 2003] Because it's true.

Underdog -- [May 31, 2003] A sketch of Underdog.

Never Let Evil Win the Day -- [May 31, 2003] A sketch of Underdog, giving his advice. Colored version found here.

Shoeshine Boy -- [May 31, 2003] A sketch of humble, lovable Shoeshine.

Hark, Hark! -- [May 31, 2003] A series of Underdog sketches.

A Weakened Underdog -- [June 1, 2003] Three sketches of our favorite superhero in his weakened state. Partially colored here.

Chailyn for Lindsay -- [June 2, 2003] An Orcacorn for a friend. Her name means "Life, Waterfall".

Me and My 'Rai -- [June 9, 2003] I luff my sisser. By the by, the clothes I'm wearing? They're AL's boyfriend, Tommy's. They were originally white. You do the math. ^^

I Love You -- [June 17, 2003] Gift for my now ex-fiancÚ. The "L" didn't have the sign language letter font thing.

Happy Birthday Janus 2003 -- [June 24, 2003] Birthday gift for teh wuffie. ^^

7 and YJB as Leia and Luke -- [July 7, 2003] Because I was feeling evil, this is Stella 7 and Young Jedi Ben dressed as Leia and Luke.

Zared and 5 -- [July 7, 2003] The Dangerous Duo.

DDR Sisters Y0! -- [July 8, 2003] Me and my sisters. We love DDR.

Hooks and Xerkes -- [July 11, 2003] My critter, Hooks, and Grimm's chinchilla, Xerkes.

Lisa and Scully -- [July 24, 2003] Me and a friend.

Delphin Page Header -- [September 24, 2003] The old header image for my old Delphin Art page.

Nicolas, Unicorn Form -- [September 25, 2003] A character of Sno's.

AL's Gonna Kill Me -- [October 1, 2003] Oh, yes, she is. Why? For dressing her in that outfit. ^^

One More Day -- [October 1, 2003] The first horse I've ever ridden, Cloud, was put down September 29th. Rest in peace, my friend.

Palomino Sale Horse -- [October 8, 2003] Birthday gift for my co-worker at the stables, Sarah.

Kevin's Birthday Card -- [October 9, 2003] Kevin is a wrangler at Echo Lake Stables where I work. His birthday is October 22nd and he'll be turning 22 (hence it's his Golden Birthday). This is a card for him. It's a 3-page picture, so click on each of the words in the title for each page.

Old Header -- [October 15, 2003] Old image for the old Mixed Art section of this site.

Kevin's Bonus Image -- [October 20, 2003] Well, what can I say? She's right. ^^;;; I originally thought I wasn't going to work on Tuesday, the 21st, which meant I wouldn't see Kevin 'til Friday, so I gave him his card early. Though, since I am working that day, he gets a bonus image. Heh.

Misc. Page Header -- [October 23, 2003] The old image for the old Miscellaneous Art page.

Goodbye Kevin -- [November 11, 2003] My friend Kevin, for all intents and purposes, shipping off to Basic training (he's in the Army National Guard) on Friday, the 14th. This is his goodbye picture. I'll miss you, Kevin.

Duel of the Flutes -- [December 4, 2003] Kevin and AL playing their respective flutes. AL's wings are transparent because that is what Kevin would see, as he knows that she isn't human.






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