Funky Comic -- [2002] My Sno' designed a dress and I wanted to borrow it. It's a two-page image, so click on the words in the title for each.

Snow's Birthday Bash -- [February 2, 2002] From left to right, the characters are: Jerome, Legacy and Baby Xelloss, Snow, Nyte, Hunter, me and Alida. Small version here and smaller version here.

Sno' Vocals -- [February 5, 2002] Sno made her own covers of songs, so I made a CD jewel case insert thingy.

My Jedi -- [February 10, 2002] Me kissing my favorite blue-eyed Jedi.

Lisa in Sno's Dress -- [February 10, 2002] The dress from the comic.

Be My Valentine -- [February 13, 2002] Valentine's Day gift for Ben.

Necklace -- [February 19, 2002] Me and a random guy on a necklace.

Cheer Up -- [February 20, 2002] A "cheer up" gift for Snow.

Mirage and Phoenix -- [February 23, 2002] My ghost unicorn and a lamb that, while seemed to have made a miraculous near-death recovery, died anyway.

"I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not" "But...I don't" -- [February 24, 2002] Just how I felt when Doctor 5 regenerated into Doctor 6.

Sailor Chibi Alnilam -- [February 28, 2002] Alida as Sailor Chibi Alnilam.

Luke and Lisa -- [March 2, 2002] Me and Luke.

Bottom of My Heart -- [March 5, 2002] Gift for my online sister.

Alida and Xelloss -- [March 8, 2002] Alida likes boys very much.

Nytehawk and the Delphin Wand™ -- [March 9, 2002] As the title says.

*insert random profanities* -- [March 9, 2002] I believe Grimm did a guest comic for Sno's Past Secrets comic and it featured AL on top of a diving board in nothing but a towel, so that's why I drew this.

Playing the Pan Pipes -- [March 13, 2002] BB Team me playing the pan pipes.

Cover -- [March 17, 2002] This was made for an English assignment.

Illustration 01 -- [March 17, 2002] Made for the English assignment.

Illustration 02 -- [March 17, 2002] Made for the English assignment.

Illustration 03 -- [March 17, 2002] Made for the English assignment.

Illustration 04 -- [March 17, 2002] Made for the English assignment.

Illustration 05 -- [March 17, 2002] Made for the English assignment.

Jareth and Lisa -- [March 20, 2002] Me and Jareth, the Goblin King. I know proportions are weird on this.

Seer and Antoinette -- [April 4, 2002] Portrait of two of my good friends.

Best Friends -- [April 9, 2002] Sadly, this Foursome has broken up since this was drawn.

Lisa and Janus -- [April 9, 2002] *cough* Yes, well . . . no comment.

Snowhawk -- [April 14, 2002] Look who appeared while I was doodling. I know the table is crooked.

Drazzi, Flareon, and Ebil (sorta XD) -- [April 23, 2002] Drazzi with her favorite Pokémon and everyone's favorite cute kitty Minion of Hell.

Snowhawk and Articuno -- [April 24, 2002] Sno' with her favorite Pokémon.

Sailor Janus -- [April 29, 2002] Janus as a Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Janus and Alnilam -- [April 29, 2002] Janus and I as Senshi.

Alanna -- [May 4, 2002] Drawn for Ami Ténshi.

Lisa and Evil -- [May 7, 2002] Ah, I dunno. ^^

Lisa, Blue, and Joe -- [May 11, 2002] Drew this when I was writing some Blue's Clues fanfiction.

Periwinkle -- [May 13, 2002] Gift for Nikki.

Alida, Zared, and Akili -- [May 22, 2002] Zared in the process of del-napping Alida. My now ex-fiancé added in the lightsaber effects for me. *hug* Small version found here.

Shoshanna's Birthday -- [May 27, 2002] Gift for my friend's daughter's birthday.

Can YOU Find What Is Hidden? -- [May 30, 2002] I drew this when my ex proposed.

Baby Blue -- [June 15, 2002] A gift to the Director of High School Admissions at my college.

Duo -- [June 16, 2002] This was a header image for my LiveJournal 'til I got a better one.

Lisa, Charmander, and Ebil Bush -- [June 25, 2002] Me threatening the carnivorous shrubbery with Charmander.

Stella Birthday 2002 -- [July 3, 2002] Birthday present for Stella.

FairySno' -- [July 18, 2002] Snowhawk as a fairy.

She Breaks Down -- [July 20, 2002] AL broke down when I stripped her of some most of her powers. The guys clustered around her, from left to right, are: Doctor 5, Data, Luke holding her, Hooks is the critter, Adam, and Tommy. Small version found here.

Zap! -- [July 20, 2002] Ebil, a Hell minion, zapping my cable modem.

Alida and Stitch -- [July 22, 2002] As the title says. Drawn after seeing the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Alida, Akili, and Stitch -- [July 23, 2002] Akili added. Small version found here.

Banwai -- [August 5, 2002] My sisser. Prismacolor colored version found here.

Fields of Gold -- [August 7, 2002] Gift for my sister when I did something to jeopardize our friendship. The answer to the question was "yes".

I'll Be There for You -- [August 7, 2002] Gift for my sister.

Tawana -- [August 9, 2002] I'd asked Myrror if I could draw a Leagus and she said yes. Here is the result.

Emerald -- [August 16, 2002] A character from Past Secrets, a novel my 'Net-sister is writing.

Myrror and Lisa -- [August 20, 2002] Drawn for Myrror.

Woodhorn Fannie! -- [August 23, 2002] Grimmhooke is the first, last, and only member of the Woodhorn Fan Club. She's also the president.

What Playstation? -- [August 27, 2002] Heh, what can I say? They both had one and I didn't (then).

Confuzzled 'Lamby -- [August 29, 2002] Cutefied 'Lamby, all confused.

'Lamby -- [September 7, 2002] This is the result of having an urge to draw Drazzi's Bananalamb-Morph in a Japanese school uniform.

Never Forget -- [September 10, 2002] As the image says . . . The athletic director of my college has this image hanging in his office.

Lisa Loves Julie! -- [September 14, 2002] Birthday present for Julie.

I'll be with you in spirit -- [September 16, 2002] Gift for my 'Rai.

Cascata -- [September 16, 2002] Once done as a gift to someone . . . now just a random Orcacorn. Her name means "Waterfall" in Italian.

Myrror Birthday 2002 -- [September 20, 2002] Birthday gift for my Myrror on the wall.

Sno' ish an evil kitty -- [October 4, 2002] She's carrying spoilers for her novel, Past Secrets. I screwed up royally on the markings.

Halloween Mischief -- [October 10, 2002] After becoming Team Rocket and Luke and Leia, Alida and Akili decided to dress up as Snowhawk and Janus for Halloween, dragging Zared along for the ride as Quillen.

Drazzi's Birthday 2002 -- [October 22, 2002] Only now do I realize she has the same birthday as my friend, Kevin (though I didn't know him at the time I drew this). Anyways, me and my alter ego were going to visit her, but Ebil (the cat) stole the map.

Help... -- [November 1, 2002] Alida and Zared.

What do they know? -- [November 20, 2002] Me as a Gryffindor and 'Rai as a Slytherin. Small version found here.

Alida and Banrai -- [November 25, 2002] Alida and her Aunt Banrai.






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