Lisa's father's origins have long been lost to the passage of time, but he had been known as the best intergalactic support technician in the galaxy. He was on Earth repairing computers for a nonprofit organization when he met and fell in love with her mother, a witch. Born sometime in the summer, Lisa was their only child and they ultimately decided to raise her on Earth although her father would frequently have to make trips to other planets for service calls. One such planet was named after its star -- Alnilam. Her father was often called to repair the forcefield around the jungle and would occasionally bring her with him. Having inherited his ability to speak to animals, she quickly made friends with the unicorns and always requested to go with him whenever he'd make the trip and sometimes to go "just because". In fact, they visited so often that her father decided to build a small house in the unoccupied small meadow so they'd have a place to stay when they did.

Although Lisa was born with her father's binary vascular system, they wouldn't have to worry about any other inherited powers manifesting until later in her life and so they weren't concerned about her going to school on Earth and thus they ensured that she received the best education Earth's schooling system had to offer. When she was old enough to comprehend, her parents made sure that she understood that it was very important to keep her half-alien lineage a secret as the people of Earth tended to attack what they didn't understand. As a result, she was a very shy child and tended to keep her herself a lot and did not have close friends.

When she was young, her mother gave her a black-and-white shorthair cat she named "Fluffy" and her father set up a special monetary system so that she would always have money no matter where or when they were in the galaxy.

Her parents started her schooling early so that she could attend Earth public school when she was of age. They didn't want her to be behind for, at the age of 10, she was then old enough to go on a Pokémon journey. Before she left, her father gave her a pan flute after she'd expressed interest in the instrument and she taught herself how to play songs by ear while on her journey. The journey would only last a year, however, because when she turned 11 she was accepted at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and thus had to postpone her endeavor to Catch 'Em All.

She was sorted into the Horned Serpent House and her wand was made of 10 ľ" English oak with a unicorn hair core. Keeping her secret was more important here than in elementary school because it was around this time that her other powers were beginning to manifest and it was during her time at school where mishaps with spells and potions would cause her to obtain three extra abilities her father did not have. More details on that can be found here.

Lisa, of course, excelled at Care of Magical Creatures (largely due to her ability to speak to animals) and was also somewhat proficient in Transfiguration. She spent seven years at Ilvermorny and used her summer holidays to continue to her Pokémon journey. Since she couldn't practice magic outside of school while underage, she instead honed her own abilities while alone to ensure she had complete control over everything she could do.

During her time at Ilvermorny her oak wand was broken. Her second wand was 12 ľ" long and made of cedar with a dragon heartstring core and she felt this one fit her better than her old one. When she was able to learn the spell, she discovered that her Patronus took the form of a mountain hare. Upon graduating at the age of 17 she took a job as a magizoologist. She would travel around the universe -- and, sometimes, around time -- in search of strange and unusual creatures while at the same time continuing her Pokémon journey.

She wound up in the year 2999 in a world called D'amantru in the city called Ametition, which was filled with humans and anthropomorphic animals, some of which with the ability to shape shift into human form. There was trouble stirring in the city and they were desperate for medical care. Although not technically a doctor, she took a job at a hospital and ultimately was somewhat involved in the care of a very important person in the society.

When she was in her early twenties there was an attack on present-day Alnilam and Lisa was called back to help with her healing powers. They didn't know who was causing the damage but she and her family did their best to evade the aggressors. Several explosions were caused on the planet surface and she and one of her unicorn friends, Golden Mun, were caught in the blast causing open wounds on both of them. During Lisa's attempt to heal the unicorn, their blood mixed together resulting in Lisa gaining immortality and the ability to speed heal her own injuries. Goldy would later explain that he would have asked her to participate in this blood-bonding ceremony later on in life.

The attack didn't last long and things went back to normal. The situation on D'amantru had calmed down so Lisa resumed both her magizoologist duties and Pokémon journey around the galaxy; it was around this time that she met a member of the International Police, codename "Looker", and forged a close friendship with him while at the same time aiding in an investigation around the region. Ten years would pass before she started to sense that she needed to return to the city. She turned out to be right and she remained there for quite a while.

Once she left the hospital she traveled to an unknown land at an unknown time where she met, fell in love and became linked with a Batavian named Vince. It was here that she and those she was with helped guide a special girl named Cristíona in her quest to overthrow an evil being known as Donvan.

Later on, she and her family were called back to Alnilam. A war had broken out and the planet was being invaded by beings known only as the Warlords, who, as it turned out, were the ones responsible for the earlier attack on the planet.

In an alternate universe, Lisa's father had also given her a miniature dachshund she named Itchie after the dachshund in the 1989 Earth movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. The Warlords used a weapon on the planet that caused an enormous explosion and Lisa's entire family was caught in the blast. She noticed that the Warlords were trying to capture her father's ship, so she snuck on board and set it for self destruct, causing it to explode in the atmosphere and take the attacking ship with it. Lisa and Goldy headed back to her house only to find nothing left but a steaming crater. Seeing the death and destruction around her, she tried to use her natural healing powers to help, but in the process succumbed to the influence of Atypical Scientific Neural Disorder. She ran around in a mad daze collecting samples of the water and vegetation and Creating salves and medicines for all of the injured. The wounded recovered but all she could do with the dead was bury them. Her mind in a whirlwind, she ran away through a Time Gate, winding up on Earth in the early 19th century in a forest near Secundus, England. She collapsed and was found by Adam Steel, a martial arts teacher, who cared for her until she regained consciousness. They fell in love nearly at first sight and he became her anchor when the madness threatened to take over. When she'd recovered from the shock of going Creative, she realized that a number of her powers had been nullified by the Disorder including the loss of the use of her wings until she relearned how to use them. Lisa ultimately decided to stay in Secundus and opened up a veterinary clinic near the forest where she'd been found. Goldy found Fluffy and Itchie on Alnilam and they moved to Earth to be with her. She did return to her planet to help in repairing the damages from the Warlords and informed the animals that if they ever needed her they could use the Gate to find her in Secundus. In her time living in Secundus she befriended Emmett Brown and Marty McFly and allowed them to know her origins. Eventually that privilege extended to Doc's new assistant Victor Van Dort, Victor's wife Alice, and their children.

In the "prime universe", the Warlords used a weapon on the planet that caused an enormous explosion and Lisa's entire family was caught in the blast. She was thrown into the forest, separating her and Goldy. When she came to, she found two people standing over her: an old man and a young girl who had introduced themselves as the Doctor, a Time Lord, and his granddaughter, Susan. They told her that her family had not survived the explosion; in a state of grief and rage, all she wanted was to destroy the creatures that destroyed her home and family. Needing a ship, she talked the Doctor and Susan into using their time machine, the TARDIS, to materialize onto the Warlords' ship. She ran away from the Doctor and Susan and set the ship's on board bombs to self destruct. The Doctor and Susan escaped in the TARDIS and Lisa used an escape pod as the ship exploded, but Lisa was caught in the blast, rocketing down to Alnilam, crash landing on the surface.

Susan had convinced her grandfather to go back to Alnilam to check if Lisa was all right. They found her in the remains of the escape pod, unconscious and battered with cuts, bruises and broken bones. A few of the unicorns had seen the impact and had them bring Lisa to the Healer, Miach, and his apprentice, Medicus. The medical equines could help her speed-healing abilities along, but there turned out to be lasting damage that would never be easy to heal: first was a new fear of fires and, second and more seriously, amnesia; she was unable to remember what had happened prior to waking up there in the shelter. She described it as a thick, impenetrable fog that obscured all that was behind it. The unicorns could fill in the gaps of her growing up, but they had no idea what she'd been up to while she was not on Alnilam and so those holes had to remain unfilled.

Though Lisa healed quickly, Miach and Medicus required her to remain in their care until they were sure she had recovered mentally, not counting the amnesia. She focused on burying the dead and rebuilding what had been destroyed including her house, which was rebuilt bigger and grander than it had been. The repairs and refurbishments took a while, but not as long as they thought it would. Using the unicorns' magic and a few technological gadgets the Doctor had on hand, they cleaned and repaired and also erected a forcefield around the planet complete with a perception filter so that they would never be attacked again.

Once the repairs were completed, Lisa found herself not wanting to stay. She would return later on, but for now she just had to get away. With more persuasion from his granddaughter, the Doctor offered her the chance to see all of time and space and she readily agreed. Bidding goodbye to the unicorns, Lisa left with her new friends in the TARDIS. She considered the Doctor a mentor and wanted to learn all about the universe as long as she was in his company.

Lisa's time with the Doctor spanned six incarnations of the Time Lord and many companions. Lisa wound up falling in love with one of the Second Doctor's companions: Scottish Highlander James Robert McCrimmon from Earth in 1746, or Jamie as he was more commonly known. They were together until, after taking part in the War Games, the Time Lords took it upon themselves to put the Doctor in trial for interfering in the affairs of other planets. They erased the memories of the Doctor's other companion, Zoe, and returned her to her own times. Before they could do the same with Jamie and Lisa, however, the trial was interrupted by the Celestial Intervention Agency. The CIA recruited the Doctor into doing missions for them and he would agree to their terms only if they could come with him. Thankfully the CIA agreed.

Sadly, the agreement with the CIA was only temporary and the Doctor's sentence of exile to Earth had to be carried out eventually. During the trip back to Gallifrey, the Doctor told Lisa to teleport Jamie away before the Time Lords could erase his memory of their time together as they had previously did with Zoe. They protested initially but the Doctor, concerned only for their safety and not for himself, convinced her to go through with the plan so they would be safe and remain together. They bid each other a tearful goodbye in the TARDIS with Lisa promising to find the Doctor as soon as she was able.

Upon their arrival on Gallifrey, Lisa took Jamie's hand and, with a last telepathic goodbye to the Doctor, teleported the both of them to the only place she could get safely: Alnilam. For a short time they used the Gates in the forest to attempt to find the Doctor on Earth but came up empty, and so they decided to settle down on Earth in Scotland since that was Jamie's native land and where he felt more comfortable. They stayed together until the day he died. Heartsbroken at his loss, in her grief she focused on trying to find the Doctor again. She eventually found him on Earth in the new body the Time Lords had forced him to take and resumed her roll as his companion and they were able to comfort each other on the loss of Jamie.

Said exile only lasted until the Doctor saved his planet, Gallifrey, from disaster. He was eventually allowed to travel through space and time again and Lisa was beginning to realize something. While the Doctor when she first met him was more of a mentor, as he got older and regenerated into his Second, Third and Fourth incarnations she began to look at him as more of a friend.

During an adventure with the Fourth Doctor and Leela, they wind up landing on a sandminer where they meet the human crew and their robot servants. Unbeknownst to the humans at first, the robots were committing murders on board the sandminer on the orders of Taren Capel, a man who had been raised by robots and considers himself to be one. One of those human crew was Ander Poul, who was an undercover agent to search for Taren Capel. Unfortunately, Poul suffered from robophobia and had a breakdown that left him near-catatonic. Lisa felt compelled to comfort him and protect him until the danger was dealt with and she felt uneasy about leaving without saying goodbye.

The Doctor and Lisa's relationship, however, would come to be forever changed when the Doctor was nearing the end of his Fourth life and they were visited by the mysterious Watcher, who turned out to be a version of the future Fifth Doctor being overlaid on the present. It was at this time that the Doctor gave Lisa his first gesture of affection: caressing her cheek with the backs of his fingers.

That gesture was the start of something more, as Lisa and the Fifth Doctor fell in love almost immediately after his regeneration. Unfortunately his Sixth incarnation's personality would be a polar opposite to his previous self and her feelings for him changed. While she still cared for him, her love for him waned and caused the link to weaken considerably.

During her travels with the Sixth Doctor, Lisa traveled to Paris in 1861 and learned of the Opera Ghost lurking beneath the Paris Opera House. She talked the Doctor into letting her investigate alone and did, indeed, meet Erik, the Phantom of the Opera. She befriended him and, upon leaving, promised him that they would meet again.

While on an adventure on Thoros-Beta, the Time Lords finally succeeded in separating Lisa and the Doctor when he was taken out of time to be put on trial again. Try as she might, she was unable to get back to him. Heartsbroken, she returned home to Alnilam to heal.

When she was unable to stay home alone any longer, she time traveled under her own power and wound up back on Earth where she proceeded to have several relationships that didn't last long due to the gut feeling she had that the Doctor was still out there, somewhere, waiting for her to return. She first wound up in Milwaukee in 1974 where she met Richard Cunningham and had a relationship with Arthur Fonzarelli, aka Fonzie. She stayed until 1979 and then traveled again, winding up in Benson Hurst, Brooklyn, New York in 1975. There she had another brief relationship with Arnold Horshack until 1978. Traveling once kept her in New York in 1978, this time in Manhattan, where she had one last brief relationship with Robert "Bobby" Wheeler, a cab driver/aspiring actor. After these trips she returned home to Alnilam to recover her frazzled emotions.

When she was ready to travel again, she once again arrived on Earth. The year was 1983, the day that she decided would be her birthday, and the place was Hill Valley, California. It was here that she met Dr. "Doc" Emmett Brown and, upon saving the life of his dog Einstein, forged a friendship with him that would have a big impact on her life. Doc was the first person she considered family since the loss of her own and their link was similar to the one she'd had with her father. She also befriended Doc's friend Marty McFly and aided him in helping Doc with his inventions. She helped him create and test his greatest: a time machine made out of a DeLorean car. It was during this test that she and Marty became trapped in 1955, meeting the Doc Brown of that time, and ended up traveling to alternate universes and ever further back into the past to save Doc's life. The DeLorean ended up being destroyed by a train and, while stuck in 1885, Doc found and married a schoolteacher named Clara Clayton and had two sons: Jules and Verne. Hurt and wrongly thinking that Doc didn't need her anymore, Lisa hid from the others and contemplated just up and leaving. She didn't get the chance to decide for herself, however, as she was suddenly abducted and taken out of time to a station out in space where she was reunited with the Doctor, still in his Sixth incarnation, during his trial. Together along with Sabalom Glitz, who ended up being trapped with the Doctor's arch rival the Master, and Melanie "Mel" Bush they exposed the court for what it was and the Doctor was free to leave, taking Mel and Lisa with him.

Mel had also been taken out of time and thus had to be returned, but Lisa, thinking of having lost the only other family she had, told the Doctor that she was able to stay where she was. In her time away from him, she had come to realize that yes while the Doctor's personality had changed drastically from the man she'd been in love with, he was still the Doctor, she still cared about him and she wouldn't let his personality alone sway her feelings for him ever again. She realized that he cared for her as well, but it was too difficult for him to articulate his feelings properly. It wasn't until his Eighth incarnation that they properly fell in love again and he made the ultimate decision to share his real name with her.

Upon the beginning of the Last Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks, the Doctor and Lisa tried their best to stay out of the fighting. They stayed on the sidelines and helped where they could until they met Cass, the sole remaining pilot of a space gunship who died when she rejected the Doctor and Lisa's attempt to rescue her from her crashing ship. They refused to leave her side, however, and the impact knocked Lisa unconscious. When she came to, she found the Doctor battered and bloodied with the Sisterhood of Karn, realizing that he had died in the crash. The Sisterhood had an elevated knowledge of Time Lord science and was thus able to revive the Doctor, but only for four minutes. At this time he realized that he had to finally take a more active roll in the War and needed the Sisterhood's help in choosing his next regeneration. He didn't want Lisa to stay, but she refused to leave him, telling him that she vowed to stay with him no matter what, and so she was there when he regenerated into a warrior.

He refused the name of "Doctor" at this time, but Lisa refused to refer to him as anything else. During the time he was on the battlefield, Lisa felt her abilities would be better served in the field hospital so she wouldn't worry her friend by being injured in battle and taking his concentration away from the task at hand. She used her healing abilities to help the injured soldiers, the experience building up her tolerance to the shutdown process that makes her lose consciousness if she heals something too severe for her abilities to handle.

After fighting in the War for 400 years, he considered activating the super-weapon known only as "the Moment" to end the Time War by committing genocide against both the Time Lords and the Daleks. The weapon's sentient interface decided to let him see what his future would be like if he went through with it, causing he and Lisa to meet their future selves and find a way to save Gallifrey rather than destroy it.

They were both unable to retain the memories of Gallifrey's rescue and he regenerated into his Ninth incarnation soon after. They went to Alnilam so they could rest and collect their thoughts after -- to their knowledge -- destroying the Doctor's home planet, as Lisa had had no intention of letting him bear the burden alone. They were briefly separated again after the regeneration; he'd gotten a signal in the middle of the night and, without waking Lisa, left to rectify it. He eventually returned to Alnilam with Rose Tyler, a new companion.

She was as close as ever to his Tenth and Eleventh incarnations, which made it difficult to leave the Tenth's Meta-Crisis incarnation in the alternate dimension with Rose. More difficult still was finding out that the Eleventh Doctor was really in his Twelfth and final incarnation and was doomed to die on Trenzalore.

Thanks to Clara Oswald, the hidden Time Lords (seemingly) granted the Doctor an entire new regeneration cycle and he was able to regenerate again. This Twelfth Doctor was much like the Sixth in that it was difficult for him to express that he still did love her and found that he was only comfortable in doing so when they were alone. True to her word, she didn't let the shift in his personality change the way she felt about him; she still loved him and she was going to stay with him. Although they thought the real test would be the Doctor's Thirteenth incarnation, the fact that the Doctor was a woman for the first time did not bother Lisa in the slightest. Lisa was present when the Doctor was revealed as a being known as "The Timeless Child" and the previously stated limit on regenerations did not actually apply.

When Thirteen regenerated into Fourteen, revisiting the form of their Tenth incarnation, they found themselves wondering why. They were reunited with Donna Noble and their last adventure had them facing the Toymaker, a villain that the Doctor and Lisa had previously encountered not long after they first met. The Toymaker took control of UNIT's galvanic beam and fatally shot the Doctor through the stomach, triggering a regeneration. With Lisa, Donna, and a returned Mel at his side, the Doctor tells them that it feels different this time and asks Donna and Mel to pull at his arms. What followed was what had been thought to be a myth: a "bi-generation", and the Fifteenth Doctor split from the Fourteenth Doctor becoming two separate entities -- and both were in love with Lisa (and she them) and both were linked to her. After the defeat of the Toymaker, the group got together to try to figure out what happens now. The Fifteenth Doctor insists he is only stable because the Fourteenth Doctor spent time recovering from the Doctor's heavy experiences in their prior incarnations. Lisa, able to get a sense from both Doctors, agrees. Donna supports this, believing the Fourteenth Doctor regenerated into a form near-identical to the Tenth Doctor as a subconscious sign to "come home" and rest. The Fourteenth Doctor wants to agree, but is hesitant to part with Lisa and the TARDIS -- he was getting flashbacks of their strained relationship from his Sixth incarnation and the time they had been separated from each other. Lisa puts her arms around him and reassures him that their link now was far stronger than their link back then. As for the TARDIS, the Fifteenth Doctor realizes the Toymaker's domain might be lingering and that he hasn't claimed his prize. He retrieves a mallet from under the TARDIS platform and hits the TARDIS, splitting it in two (and apologizes to the ship afterward); he would take the new TARDIS and leave the original TARDIS with the Fourteenth Doctor. With that problem settled, they then turn to the issue of the Fourteenth Doctor not wanting to be separated from Lisa, not again and at least not yet. The Fifteenth Doctor takes her hands and kisses her knuckles. With a glowing smile and very nearly radiating nothing but faith, hope, trust, and love, he tells her he will see her soon and links her hands with the Fourteenth Doctor's. Though surprised, Lisa can sense the positivity in his actions and kisses the Fifteenth Doctor before he boards the new TARDIS (which contains a jukebox) and dematerializes, remaining at the Fourteenth Doctor's side. Lisa and the Fourteenth Doctor decide to live on Earth with the Nobles for the time being. They have a meal with them and Mel, recounting tales of their adventures. The Fourteenth Doctor remarks to Donna that he is the happiest he has been in his entire life because he finally knows what he has been fighting for: a normal life with the woman he loves, and a family. Elsewhere, the Fifteenth Doctor looks up from the TARDIS console and opens his arms as Lisa embraces him warmly. Together, they travel into the unknown, their next adventures soon to come.

Lisa's relationship with the Doctor would hold the record for the longest in her lifetime. She would stay with them until the day they finally died. Their death had a great impact on her, for when they died a piece of her died as well and she lost her healing ability. Their last requests were to bring the TARDIS somewhere safe, go back to Cardiff and reunite with Captain Jack Harkness and to "look after the universe for me...I've put a lot of work into it...". Though devastated, she did what she was asked to; the TARDIS was brought to Alnilam to remain beside her house and she returned to Cardiff in the early 21st century to be with Jack until he was picked up in the TARDIS.

Her return to Alnilam lasted longer this time around and she realized that the Doctor had basically been ingrained in her memories and whomever she became linked to afterwards would have to deal with her thoughts focusing on them first. It was during this time that Lisa was reunited with Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, when he stumbled through a Time Gate, sending him several centuries into the future. He was upset and distraught over the lost of Christine Daaé, as well as becoming very sick due to being trapped in a storm with a weakened immune system, and Lisa told him he could stay with her as long as he liked. He learned that Christine had lived a happy life with Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, and had died a loving wife and mother. He wanted to return to this time, to pay his last respects, and Lisa obliged by taking him to the cemetery where she was buried and he left a single rose on the grave. Satisfied, he and Lisa returned to Alnilam, where he lived out the rest of his days with her, happier than he had been as the inhabitants of the planet did not care about his physical appearance. Erik remained on Alnilam until the day he died.

When she decided that she wanted to travel again, the first place she randomly wound up was Kaldor City where she was reunited with Poul. The poor man still suffered from robophobia and also PTSD due to the trauma on the sandminer. Although receiving therapy, he still panicked at the sight of a robot or the corpse markers and had trouble recalling the incident in detail. He couldn't remember the Doctor or Leela, but recognized Lisa as soon as he locked eyes with her. He embraced her, taking comfort in her touch. They formed a bond that was platonic rather than romantic, and when Poul was in the grips of a panic attack she kissed him to "reset his brain". The shock brought him back, and he asked her to stay with him. When she told him that she'll stay for as long as he'll have her, he kissed her again. This kiss caused a link to form, and she remained at his side for the remainder of his life.

She returned to Alnilam for a time, and then afterward she spent three years on Earth, from 1990 to 1993, at a train station called Shining Time. She briefly returned home afterward and met Harry Potter when he had to be rescued from Woodhorn.

Her next trip took her to Australia in 1992 where she rescued one Adam Newman, Tomorrow Person, from a shark attack. She and Adam fell in love and she stayed with him until the day he died. She returned to Alnilam afterward.

When she traveled again she landed on Earth, Smallville, Kansas in 1992. It was here that she met and fell in love with mild-mannered news reporter Clark Kent who, in turn, became the hero known as Superman to the people of Metropolis in times of need. Her relationship with Clark was the second longest she'd ever been in and his eventual death devastated her terribly.

It was during this time on Alnilam that Lisa had begun having reoccurring dreams about Doc Brown. It turned out to be the unicorn Aislin's doing, as he was trying to reunite the two of them. He eventually succeeded, and Lisa returned to Hill Valley in August of 1993. When she and Doc reunited, she realized that he wasn't replacing her at all and still cared for her even though he now had a wife and children. With Clara and the boys' permission, she stayed with them and felt that she finally had her family again. Although Doc had access to a working time machine and rejuvenations to prolong his life, there did come a time where they eventually had to say goodbye. She left again afterward, unable to cope.

After that she time traveled again to Earth, California, in 1992 where she met and fell in love with Tommy Oliver who became a Power Ranger a year into their relationship. After Tommy had been freed from Rita Repulsa's Evil Green Ranger spell, Lisa asked him to teach her how to do martial arts. He taught her and she used that and her ability to shape shift to help Tommy and his fellow Rangers fight the forces of evil. She and Tommy were together until the day he died.

She went back to Alnilam for a time, then traveled again, for now she was unable to stay in one spot for too long. She returned to Earth, Brooklyn, New York in 1992 where she met the friendly spirit known as Ghostwriter and stayed helping his friends solve crimes until 1995.

When Lisa traveled again, she arrived on Earth in the year 1994 in Crossworld City, California where she met and fell in love with Ryan Steele, who later became a VR Trooper along with his friends Kaitlin Star and JB Reese. She was able to, again, use her martial arts training, which Ryan added to, and her shape shifting ability to help Ryan and his friends fight more forces of evil. Once again, she stayed with him until the day he died, then returned to Alnilam.

Lisa's next time trip landed her, once again, on Earth. It was the year 1994 and the place was North Valley, California. It was here that she met Amp Ere, a young man who turned out to be a fellow alien, hailing from the Crab Nebula. Amp, along with his friends Sam Collins, Sydney "Syd" Forrester, and Tanker (she never found out his real name) became the cyberspace fighting for known as the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad.

She was only with this group -- fighting against evil mega-virus monsters embedded within electronic equipment -- for about a year. Amp had to return home and, in 1996, Lisa received a distress call from someone she'd met during her time with Tommy: Prince Dex of Edenoi, aka the Masked Rider. She traveled to Leawood, California to meet up with him and aid in his own fight against evil. They did eventually fall in love and his eventual death forced her to go home.

Her next time travel trip landed her on Earth in the future, where she met and formed a bond with an Andromedan Star Academy cadet named Radu. Whilst visiting his school, she, along with four other cadets and two teachers, became stranded seven years from Earth on a ship known as the Christa.

When she finally returned home to Alnilam, she refused to discuss what had occurred to get her there. While on Alnilam, Lisa rescued a mysterious white owl from Janis Thorn's poison, revealing it to be none other than Jareth, Lord of the Labyrinth and King of the Goblins. Jareth's wounds were more serious than they'd thought, however, he was saved with Lisa and Medicus' help. He took an almost immediate liking to Lisa and allowed her to visit the castle in the center of the Labyrinth whenever she liked. He also had the tendency to drop in on her from time to time.

After a few years on Alnilam, when she was finally able to travel again, she returned to Earth and Brooklyn in the year 1997. Here she was reunited with Ghostwriter and was introduced to the new members of the team: Henry "Strick" Strickland (who, for some reason, reminded her a little of Radu), Camilla "Cam" Gorick and Emilie "Em" Robeson. She formed a bond with Strick and stayed with the group for about a year.

Later, in 1999, Lisa used her shape shifting powers to help a group of kids -- the Animorphs -- fight a parasitic alien race known as the Yeerks. She had started to form a relationship with the Andalite in the group, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil (or Ax as he was more commonly known), when she was called home to help locate a lost member of the unicorn herd.

A failed attempt to return to the Animorphs landed her back on Earth in the right time but the wrong location. She wound up in Los Angeles, California. Here she met Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, a self-proclaimed Rogue Demon Hunter. She fell in love and joined him alongside a vampire with a soul, Angel, to help fight the forces of darkness plaguing the city. Lisa's relationship with Wesley, sadly, didn't last. Due to several factors, she left him because, "I don't know who you are anymore but you are not the man I fell in love with. If he ever comes back...tell him to give me a call." She severed the link and returned to Alnilam, never seeing him again.

Her next trip to Earth would be in the year 2000, to Chicago, Illinois, where she was captured by a German scientist that had apparently been stalking her since her time with the Doctor: Dr. Walter Von Braun. She was rescued by Gary Hobson, a man who gets tomorrow's newspaper a day early and uses it to try to save people. She ended up needing to rescue him, as a toxin specially designed for her was administered into his bloodstream, causing him to become very sick. Medicus eventually made an antidote and she took everything Von Braun had on her and made him promise to leave her alone by threatening to leave him to suffer with the very same toxin in his system. She returned to Gary and three years and nine months into the relationship, they had to rescue the visiting FBI agents Sue Thomas and Lucy Dotson from a shooting at McGinty's. Lisa took the bullets meant for Sue, rendering her comatose. The shooter would try again and it was up to Gary to pull himself together in time to prevent the deaf woman's death. Lisa eventually recovered and formed a rapport with the agents, landing herself some friends in high places. She stayed with Gary until the day he died.

After her trip home, Lisa took a hop to Europe in 2000 where she met and befriended Jonathan Creek, a magician's consultant, and Madeline Magellan, a mystery novelist. She stayed for a year or so, and when Maddy left, Lisa then met TV presenter Carla Boreggo.

Lisa was finally reunited with the Animorphs later on in the year. She continued to aid them in their fight against the Yeerk invasion, though that victory was empty as they lost Ax in the process and raised even more unanswered questions. Lisa left the fray before she got any confirmation that Ax was alive or dead and returned home, devastated.

Needing to be cheered up she traveled again and wound up back at Shining Time Station, this time in the year 2000, where she spent some time visiting with her old friends.

Next came Malibu, California in 2002. She befriended Dr. Mark Sloan, his son Steve and their friend Dr. Jesse Travis. She fell in love with Jesse and he taught her some basic medicine, unknowingly awakening some long-since-buried memories for her past as a "doctor", and they were together until the day he died. She returned to Alnilam again.

At some point in her travels Lisa managed to meet and befriend Nick Fury, Director of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division (or SHIELD) agency. She got herself made an honorary agent and helped out with a few missions. While there, Agent Phil Coulson caught her eye, but as he was in a relationship she contented herself with just being his friend. As an "agent" of SHIELD, she wound up meeting and usually befriending the more famous members up to and including Tony Stark (Iron Man), Bruce Banner (Hulk), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Thor of Asgard, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Clint Barton (Hawkeye).

She was with SHIELD during the Battle of New York and was devastated when she was told that Coulson had been murdered by Loki. She became aware of the TAHITI Project, although she was unable to gain any more information about it and realized what it entailed when Coulson was brought back to life, though lower level agents within SHIELD were not privy to that information. Coulson was under the impression that he'd only been dead for eight seconds and had his recovery in Tahiti, though he would later find out the truth. When he came back to SHIELD, he was unable to tell the woman he'd been dating that he was alive and so after a while he began showing interest in Lisa. While she was developing feelings for him, his increased suspicion that something wasn't what it seemed with him kept her from cementing their relationship with a link. Eventually, however, after he was kidnapped by Centipede and Lisa and Coulson's team rescued him, she was so relieved that she kissed him and allowed the link to form. She remained with him and his team in his rebuilding of SHIELD as Director and stayed until the day he died...again.

Some time later, Lisa wound up back in Los Angeles but further in time than when she was there previously. She was in 2028 and this was when she met Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright. They started to become friends and Lisa originally had no intention of revealing her origins to him, however, she was forced to when Phoenix was attacked and knocked off a steep cliff, forcing her to reveal her wings, fly to him and teleport him to safety. They started dating not long after and she became a maternal figure to his adopted daughter Trucy. She remained with him until he died.

Her next time trip wound take her further, to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. She wound up on a planet called Tatooine and rescued a droid she named Treads and a battered old ship from a junkyard. After escaping, they crashed in the desert and was rescued by one Luke Skywalker. Lisa and this young farm boy fell in love almost at first sight and she stood beside him while he fought the evil Galactic Empire, aided him in the times after the war by helping him find recruits for his Jedi Academy and helping them with lightsaber training, helping him cope with the turning and betrayal of his nephew Ben Solo -- then known as Kylo Ren, and she was with Luke until the day he died. That day was a hard one for her and, once his affairs had been settled, she went back to Alnilam. She'd made him promise that he'd try to contact her like Obi-Wan Kenobi had done after his death. It was around this time that Lisa opened Alnilam up to take in creatures from other realms if they chose to live there.

Her next time trip would be to the 23rd century where she found herself in a land called Tárakyna where she adopted a male Empath Kinsellan flit called Rising Fog, but to Lisa was known as Jamie, who would become her constant companion. She found a portal to Earth where she met and befriended Captain James T. Kirk, Dr. Leonard McCoy and Mr. Spock, landing her a spot on the USS Enterprise, and thus got herself invited years later to help celebrate the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise-B and, later, join the new crew of the USS Enterprise-D where she befriended the crew and formed a special relationship with the resident android, Lieutenant Commander Data. It wasn't until he received an emotion chip that allowed him to return the love she'd felt for him all that time. In 2366, when the omnipotent entity known as Q was stripped of his powers and banished from the Continuum, Lisa was the only one on the ship to show him compassion. When his powers were restored, he returned her lost healing power to her.

In the year 2375, in the Delta Quadrant, the USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) was making the decision of which two fatally wounded patients he was to save. He ended up choosing Ensign Harry Kim, whom he was closer to, thereby letting Ensign Ahni Jetal die. His program couldn't handle it and he was having a difficult time coming to terms with the decision, threatening to destabilize his systems. The EMH decided to see if Voyager's computer could create someone who had experience with dealing with the emotional troubles of artificial life forms. The computer created a hologram of Lisa, who helped him sort out his emotions and became a friend, in a way, and they met in person at a homecoming party in 2378 after Voyager's triumphant return to the Alpha Quadrant and forged a close friendship.

Voyager continued its space exploration after returning and Lisa, with and without Data, would frequently visit the ship. She established herself as a friend to the whole crew and her friendship with the EMH grew stronger. While visiting space station Deep Space 9, she discovered Dr. Bashir's "Vegas" program and met and befriended another sentient and self-aware hologram by the name of Vic Fontaine. She would be so charmed by the 60s lounge singer that he would become the only being in existence allowed to call her an angel. Lisa would be allowed to acquire a memory stick with a copy of his program when the station was no longer being used so as to preserve her friendship with the hologram.

In the year 2379, during a mission to negotiate peace with a new Romulan leader named Shinzon, the crew of the Enterprise discovered that he is a clone of Captain Picard and planned to destroy Earth using a powerful weapon. The crew discovered a deactivated android, B-4, who was an earlier model of Data, on the planet Kolarus III while searching for a downed ship that carried components for the weapon that Shinzon intended to use to destroy Earth. Unlike Data, B-4 was not advanced and had limited abilities. He had trouble understanding and processing information, and his speech was often disjointed. B-4 was childlike, curious, and innocent, with a lack of awareness about the world around him. While Lisa was intrigued by this "younger brother" of Data's, she was slightly put off by him even after Data, in an attempt to give B-4 opportunity to expand his capabilities much in the same way that he himself had in years past, willingly copied all of his memories to B-4, hoping that the added experiences would help B-4 expand beyond his original programming. However, he was unable to immediately assimilate Data's memories and could not remember things Data could, such as the layout of the Enterprise, Dr. Soong, or Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

They later discovered B-4's pieces had been planted on Kolarus III by Shinzon as part of an elaborate scheme to lure Captain Picard near Romulan space in order to capture him. B-4 was also used as an unwitting spy; he was equipped with a second memory port that contained subversive programming that compelled him to download vital information about the positions of all Federation starships and their coded communications frequencies. However, Data and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge discovered B-4's unauthorized access and indefinitely deactivated him. Data posed as B-4 and provided Shinzon with inaccurate locations for all Starfleet vessels as well as assisting Captain Picard in escaping from Shinzon's ship, the Scimitar.

In the end, they destroyed Shinzon's weapon. However, the victory came at a significant cost as Data sacrificed himself to save Picard and the Enterprise crew. Data beamed onto Shinzon's ship to deactivate the weapon, and was killed in the explosion. B-4 was reactivated so that Picard could tell him of his brother's death, but Picard sadly departed the meeting when his attempts to explain what Data meant to them only confused B-4. With his future uncertain, Picard had noted some of Data's downloaded memories beginning to surface as B-4 began to sing the song "Blue Skies", which Data had performed at Will Riker and Deanna Troi's wedding.

Lisa was devastated by Data's death, and as the memory transfer from him to B-4 was ultimately not successful, she retreated to Alnilam and grieved for twenty-two years, having to be reminded to eat and take care of her needs, her wings never losing their blue hue.

In the year 2401, the subspace communicator in her house received a signal -- Data's voice, begging, "Help me...Lisa...". Hearts leaping, she went to the computer to try to find out where the signal came from and determined that she would have no way of getting wherever it was on her own. She sent out her own signal, aimed at any former crewmember of the Enterprise that came across it, asking for assistance.

Her signal was picked up by the shuttlecraft Emerson and she was reunited with Worf, now a Captain, who upon being told of Data's signal informed her of the synthetic golem designated Daystrom Android M-5-10 that held memories and elements of Lal, B-4, Lore, Altan Soong, and of course Data. Once the manifest and security system of Daystrom Station, the unit was now located on the USS Titan-A and that's where the signal had to have come from and that's where Worf and his companion Raffaela "Raffi" Musiker were headed next and did not hesitate to offer Lisa and Jamie a ride.

En route, Worf warned Lisa of the instability of the golem and the cycling personalities. She argued that his cry for her help proved that the Data she loves is in there somewhere and she intended to be there for him no matter what. He also informed her of the Changeling infiltration of Starfleet and their plan to kidnap Jean-Luc Picard's son Jack and use the now-Admiral's biological corpse (explaining that he was now a golem as well, having passed away from Irumodic Syndrome two years ago in 2399) for some nefarious purposes they didn't know yet.

When they arrived at the Titan's location, they discovered that the Changelings had taken over the ship and their own, the Shrike, was holding William Riker and Deanna Troi hostage. Not having fought anything or anyone for over two decades, she decided to stay on the shuttle and monitor things while Worf and Raffi rescued them.

By the time the four return to the shuttle and dock with the Titan, Data's personality had overtaken Lore's and he was in full control not just of the golem but of the Titan itself, as he had purged the ship of the Changelings. Lisa rushed to the computer room and reunited with her resurrected beloved android, her wings finally returning to their natural yellow color for the first time in twenty-two years. She was able to sense actual emotions, ones different than the ones she had sensed from the emotion chip thirty years ago, and he expressed his deep love for her.

The former crew of the Enterprise-D convened in a room around the table for the first time in a long time, and it was revealed that Changelings had infiltrated Starfleet. Deanna discovered that Jack had dormant Borg biological components in his DNA and the Queen planned on using Jack's psychic abilities and transporter code containing Picard's Borg-altered DNA to turn all personnel under the age of 25 into drones controlled by an assimilated Jack Crusher, given the name Vőx by the Queen. The integrated computer systems of the newer starships ensured that the Borg-infected crew had assimilated Starfleet.

Rescuing Jack and destroying the new Collective involved the former Enterprise crew to "borrow" the non-integrated Enterprise-D from the Fleet Museum, which Geordi had been busy restoring for the last twenty years. While on the way to the museum, Data asked to speak with Lisa privately -- or "as privately as one can get on this shuttle" -- and proceeded to ask her to marry him. She was stunned speechless, as she normally did not marry her romantic partners due to the link that's usually between them (but was impossible with an android brain as they both knew), and Data added that she need not answer him at that moment: "Let's see if we survive this last encounter with the Borg first".

And survive they did. Additionally, upon Data's masterful piloting of the Enterprise into the heart of the Borg Cube where the beacon that is transmitting the Borg signal to all the infected drones was located, Lisa told him, "My answer is yes." They could not celebrate, however, until destroying the beacon and rescuing Jack, Picard, Riker, and Worf from the exploding Cube.

In the aftermath, Data began seeing Deanna in counseling sessions (that often ran over their time by an hour) to help him work through his traumatic experiences: life, death, self-realization. Lisa was, of course, at his side to help him as well.

One year later, in 2402, Jack had finished Starfleet training and was accepted onto the former-Titan-now-Enterprise-G under the command of Seven of Nine as her Captain and Raffi as First Officer. Picard, Beverly, Deanna, Riker, Worf, Geordi, Data, and Lisa met at the bar 10 Forward Avenue, closing it down (again) and gathering for toasts and poker. Though Lisa was, as she was on the Enterprise-D, unable to play due to her telepathic abilities, she sat beside Data and used the opportunity to continue planning their wedding.

Data and Lisa were married on Alnilam in 2403, officiated by Jean-Luc Picard; their rings had been made to resemble the golden color of Data's old android body. Geordi was Data's Best Man and Riker and Worf stood as his groomsmen; Deanna was Lisa's Maid of Honor with Beverly and (to thank her for her aid in bringing Data back) Geordi's daughter Alandra as her bridesmaids. Also in attendance was Guinan, Seven of Nine, Raffi, Jack, Geordi's other daughter Sidney, Voyager's EMH, Vic Fontaine, and, of course, the Unicorns of Alnilam and Jamie.






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