Below is a list of the abilities Lisa possesses. She had more and better control over them while her father was alive.
Many of them have become limited, unpredictable, and very unreliable due to his death.

The Link
o What it does: Allows her to form a psychic connection to other people, allowing her to experience what they do.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: She and the other person must first have mutual feelings for each other -- be it romantic or a strong family-like connection -- and a kiss must be shared. Upon that contact, Lisa and whomever she's becoming linked to feel what is described as a pop! in their minds. From that point on, they can speak to each other telepathically, share memories, and anything physical that happens to one will appear on the other (i.e.: bruises, scratches, etc.). If a limb is lost on one, it manifests black on the other until the pain stops. Sudden surges of a strong emotion (such as fear) or sensation (such as pain) will cause one or the other to experience a sort of "flash", often causing one to see what is happening to the other provided the other's eyes are open. Touching foreheads will open the link to its fullest, leaving no secrets between the two. When she's linked to someone who has the same powers she does (i.e. Adam Newman with teleporting and telepathy; the Doctor with telepathy) the powers are strengthened a little for both of them.
o Other: Sometimes, the sensations coming through the link are so strong that it interferes with Lisa's other powers. For example, if she is using her invisibility power at the time, a surge of pain may cause that power to cut out for a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the circumstances. The link also helps with amnesia in such a way that it blocks the effects but only when Lisa and the other person are physically together. For example, when the Fifth Doctor lost his memory due to post-regenerative trauma, Lisa being physically in her normal form in the same room as he enabled the link to retain the Doctor's memory of her. However, later when the Tenth Doctor became human using the Chameleon Arch and Lisa also had to hide her identity by shape shifting into a cat, the link could only keep a strong feeling of closeness to her shifted form. He was only able to see her in dreams but the human John Smith dismissed them as only that -- dreams. Being underground doesn't dampen the link as it does the regular telepathy as the link is stronger.
o In Secundus: She is linked to Adam Steel.


o What it does: Allows her to read minds and speak telepathically with other telepaths; also allows her to shield her own thoughts from other telepaths.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: It requires intense concentration to actually probe someone else's mind and she doesn't like to do it unless she has permission. If her concentration wavers, the results can vary. Usually, people often do a thing called "projecting" and they never know they're doing it. If someone is projecting, "loud" thoughts come through to her very clearly, as do any surface thoughts on the mind.
o Other: The telepathy allows her to "hear" anything that speaks with thoughts, even if it's within another person's mind. So, if you ever have to debunk someone hearing voices, call her. Being underground limits what she can sense on the surface; the deeper underground she is, the less she can sense above ground. Does not apply to the link, as that is stronger than her regular telepathy. If in a situation where there are more than one version of her in the same area, she cannot read her own mind.
o In Secundus: She is still telepathic.


o What it does: Allows her to move things with her mind.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: In order for her to move something with her mind, she must first see the object or picture it in her mind, and then focus on moving that object to its new location. Using her hands is not required but she sometimes does as a focusing technique. The heavier the object, the more concentration it requires to move. The weight limit is 40lbs, 50lbs if she pushes it but she risks a nosebleed.
o Other: A break in concentration will often result in her dropping the object.
o In Secundus: She is still able to use telekinesis.


o What it does: Allows her to disappear from one location and reappear in another. When the power is activated, she disappears in a flash of light and a crackle of energy is heard. The same sound and light is present when she appears in her new location.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: It takes concentration for her to to teleport anywhere, unless she's going to Alnilam. If she concentrates on a specific location being pictured in someone's mind, or on a specific person, she can teleport to that location or person. Otherwise, the choice is random. However, she can only teleport to places within the same planet, again, unless she's going to or from Alnilam.
o Other: Her emotions seem to have some effect on the teleportation. If she's severely distressed, appearing where she wants to isn't guaranteed. Her ability to teleport and her ability to time travel are interconnected. She can teleport with at least one other person (that person must aid in the concentration in order for them to reach their intended destination) or inanimate objects 50lbs. and under, but she cannot time travel with another person.
o In Secundus: She is still able to teleport but only at a short range. Going from her home near the forest to Secundus proper would require multiple jumps and times to rest.


Time Travel
o What it does: Allows her to travel back and forth through time via teleportation.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: It takes concentration to arrive at a specific point in time and it's more unreliable than it's not. If she has no preference, it's random.
o Other: Her ability to teleport and her ability to time travel are interconnected. She can not time travel with another person with her, though she can time travel with inanimate objects 50lbs. and under. When her father was alive, she had more control over her destinations and was able to time travel with people and/or heavier objects with his help. If in a situation where there are more than one version of her in the same area, the short in the time differential will cause the "younger" version to be unable to retain the memories of the events.
o In Secundus: Her ability to time travel was nullified.


Speak to Animals
o What it does: Allows her to speak and understand the languages of animals.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: When she speaks, humans hear English, but animals hear a language they can understand.
o Other: She can understand the languages of other sentient life forms as long as they use animal-like sounds to communicate rather than actual words (for example, she can understand Wookies but not Ewoks); this also extends to any species of Pokémon that do not communicate using their names (for example, she's able to understand Charizard but not Charmander or Charmeleon). If Lisa is linked to someone, that person can have access to this power by opening the link to that part of her brain. The same goes for if the other person is able to understand a language that isn't English.
o In Secundus: She can still speak to animals, which is why she decided to become a veterinarian.


Shape Shifting
o What it does: Allows her to transform her body into that of an animal.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: She has to concentrate, and she must return to her normal form before moving on to another animal. Multiple shifts in form result in both physical and mental exhaustion.
o Other: Her list of available shifts is almost endless. Generally, if it's an animal and it exists, she can shift her form to it as long as she's seen the animal in person and touched it and sometimes spoken to it. Practice has allowed her to shift her clothes and shoes as well, however, her ankh will always appear somewhere on the animal's body due to the silver reacting with the shifting process. She can only communicate with other animals or via telepathy with other telepaths and/or people she's linked to. If in a situation where there are more than one version of her in the same area, she will immediately know that the shifted form is herself.
o In Secundus: Her ability to shape shift was nullified.


o What it does: Allows her to focus energy into her hands, healing minor to moderate injuries.
o How it happened: She inherited this ability from her father.
o How it works: Concentrating her energies and focusing it into her hands causes them to glow with an orange-yellow light. Passing her glowing hands over mild to moderate injuries results in those injuries healing. The more severe the injury, the more concentration it requires, and the more drained she'll feel afterward. Trying to heal something that's beyond her ability will cause her to pass out.
o Other: Her power to heal was lost when the Doctor died; restored by the entity known as Q on the Enterprise-D in 2366.
o In Secundus: Her inborn healing ability was nullified but suffering from Atypical Scientific Neural Disorder (going Creative) enabled her to know how to heal using science and natural remedies.


Enhanced Hearing
o What it does: Allows her to hear faraway sounds.
o How it happened: While at Ilvermorny, she was brewing a potion to eliminate earwax for a project. The resulting concoction mixing with her alien physiology resulted in her receiving this ability.
o How it works: Under normal circumstances, she can hear sounds up to 50 feet away. When she concentrates, the range can be extended to up to 100 feet.
o Other: Extremely loud sounds cause her great discomfort, and a whisper could sound like a shout if she's concentrating on a distant sound.
o In Secundus: She can still hear better than a human.


Enhanced Vision
o What it does: Allows her to see faraway objects.
o How it happened: While at Ilvermorny, her glasses fell into a potion she'd been brewing, and the resulting combination with her prescription resulted in her only having this ability when her glasses are on.
o How it works: Her glasses allow her to see things from up to 10 feet away.
o Other: Without the glasses, her vision is blurry from less than a foot in front of her.
o In Secundus: The glasses that enabled her to have the enhanced vision were broken so her vision is that of a regular nearsighted human.


o What it does: Allows her make herself and others invisible.
o How it happened: While at Ilvermorny, she was hiding under an invisibility cloak and a spell fired at her caused the magic of the cloak and her alien physiology to mix. The result was a controllable power of invisibility.
o How it works: Lisa can make either her entire body or just her wings invisible. Moreover, she can make herself and/or her wings invisible only to certain people. Children under the age of five and animals can see right through this power, always seeing her no matter how hard she tries to hide. She also can make one other person invisible with her, though this drains the power considerably. Each minute she is invisible requires at least that long for recharging; another person invisible with her doubles this time. If she is invisible only to certain people, to those she is visible to she will look semitransparent.
o Other: She is silently grateful that she had this accident before the one that gave her wings, otherwise hiding them would have been more difficult. Making only her wings invisible does not drain the invisibility power as using it on her entire body would. If she or her wings are invisible and somebody brushes up against her/them, they will be able to feel them but may dismiss the sensation as their imagination. If in a situation where there are more than one version of her in the same area, she cannot be invisible to herself.
o In Secundus: She can only make her wings invisible.


o What it does: Allows her to fly; they change color depending on her mood and glow in the dark.
o How it happened: While at Ilvermorny, a spell to summon birds accidentally hit her in the back. The spell combining with her alien physiology caused her bones to mutate, and the yellow-gold wings grew from her shoulder blades. These wings tapped into her emotions and change colors depending on her mood (i.e.: they turn blue when she's sad, red when she's angry, white when she's scared, etc.). If someone she's linked to is dying, they turn black.
o How it works: Flapping the wings allows her to fly. The glowing and color changing are automatic but she can consciously dim the glow with concentration or by making the wings invisible.
o Other: Her wings cannot be a light source if she or they are invisible. As mentioned above, having only her wings invisible will not drain the power as it would if she was using it on her whole body.
o In Secundus: Everything's the same however she is too afraid of heights now to go very far up.


o What it does: She'll never age, heal quickly, and live forever.
o How it happened: While escaping the first Warlord attack with Golden Mun, both the unicorn and Lisa were injured. When she tried to heal his wounds, their blood mixed.
o How it works: Any injuries sustained will heal twice as fast as they would on a human. She'll live forever and never age.
o Other: If she's the recipient of a normally fatal wound, her body shuts down and she goes into a coma until healed. The length of the coma varies with the seriousness of the wound.
o In Secundus: She is still immortal.






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