I've been writing stories since before I knew the term "fan fiction" existed and I was doing self-inserts long before I knew what a "Mary Sue" was. I don't think AL was always AL; she was just me. It had to have started either with Luke Skywalker and Star Wars or the Fifth Doctor and Doctor Who. Either way, all either of them had to do was be in a weakened state (lightning zapped in Return of the Jedi or . . . well, almost every episode of Five's tenure really) and all I wanted to do was hug them and tell them that everything would be okay and that's what most of my stories were. Those early scenes would be classified as Hurt/Comfort.

I found myself falling for a lot of guys who experienced similar events. As things progressed and the list of my crushes grew, I ultimately decided that if "I" was going to be with all these guys then I'd have to be immortal and able to travel to where-and-whenever they were so I figured an alien was the best bet to have those kind of abilities, and so Alien Lisa was created. Originally her powers were numerous; she had every power I thought was cool:
    ~ Her wings came from my fascination with flying (and a bit of an obsession with Peter Pan, but I thought flying with wings was cooler than just flying -- they're yellow gold instead of white because I may have wanted the "I am not an angel" running gag; I figured out later that they turn white when she's scared -- that's from Home).
    ~ Her two hearts came from Doctor Who (and originally she was 200 years younger than the Doctor).
    ~ The healing, teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy came from The Tomorrow People (from the 90s that ran on Nickelodeon).
    ~ Shape shifting came from Animorphs.
    ~ Speaking to animals was from The World of David the Gnome.
    ~ The invisibility was originally because she'd be hanging out with her guys no matter where they were and if they were working (like Clark) or at school (like Tommy) then she'd have to be invisible so as to not get kicked out.
    ~ The link came from either ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (Elliot's link with ET) or Star Trek: The Next Generation (the episode "Attached" from the seventh season when Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher were linked via alien tech).
    ~ The speed healing came from Adric in Doctor Who.
    ~ The gills came from Suzee in Space Cases.
    ~ The enhanced hearing and vision came from Superman and that used to include invulnerability and enhanced strength as well.

It wasn't until later that I was convinced to pare down the powers to what she has now. They are still numerous, but less so than before and I included limitations on what was left.

I'm very protective of AL though I've allowed two good friends to borrow her for their novels; I've included those adventures in her timeline. I'll also gladly accept fan art of her and gift fics as long as they're done with respect to her (and my) values and beliefs, especially the asexuality.






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