Trivia and In-Jokes

About the Story:
This was one of two stories I came up with during a drive to work during Christmas Week in 2014 (the other was Wondrous Germination, you’re welcome ,V). I’d decided before the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who that the Doctor would have told AL his real name at some point in their relationship. Originally it was the Fifth Doctor, but as I was thinking about it I thought it made more sense that the Eighth would have done it. This takes place directly after the 1996 TV movie. This is one of the few fics I’ve written that was not mostly dialogue.

Title: I was listening to my Pandora radio while thinking about this story and “The One” by the Backstreet Boys came on. I thought it was perfect given the subject.

The gramophone: The Doctor’s gramophone was constantly skipping in the Movie.

His First incarnation and Susan: It was Susan who talked the First Doctor into bringing AL on board the TARDIS in the first place.

Jamie: AL had fallen in love with the Second Doctor’s companion Jamie McCrimmon. Originally it went that Jamie had had his memories erased when the Doctor was put on trial and exiled to Earth in “The War Games”, having them restored when the Celestial Intervention Agency came in to recruit the Doctor for Season 6B. Two years after writing this story I decided that it didn’t sit well with me that AL and Jamie were separated by the Time Lords and, with Jamie’s memories erased, it left it ambiguous whether the link was still intact or not. So now I decided that the CIA came in after Zoe had her memories erased but before they did it to Jamie and the Doctor only agreed to do their dirty work if AL and Jamie could be with him. When the Doctor’s exile had to be carried out, he talked her into teleporting Jamie to safety and leaving him behind (he cared more about them than himself; he knew they were in love and didn’t want them separated). She promised she’d find him as soon as she was able.

The Watcher: Read my story Watching…and Waiting (link goes to for now until it gets rewritten) for a little more information.

The Time Lords separating them on Thoros Beta: The Sixth Doctor was taken out of time for The Trial of a Time Lord during the episode “Mindwarp”, leaving AL behind. Read about their reunion in my story Transitions.

The telepathy: Ashley, one of my best friends (I miss you…), wrote a story with AL and the Fifth Doctor and they spoke telepathically more than aloud. I kept this concept.

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