Trivia and In-Jokes

About the Story:
Although I have a larger story on the backburner (way, way in the back backburner…) I haven’t written anything for V as a gift in years and it’s weighing heavily on my mind since she’s done so many fics for me and she’s one of my best friends. This story takes place one week after Chester’s birth.

Title: My kid has been watching the movie The Boss Baby on loop for a while now, so as soon as I thought of the idea that Lightning is feeling left out now that baby Chester has come into the family I thought the title fit.

Ding-dong! “Arf! Arf! Arf!”: This is a call-back to V’s preview of Secundus 2 she posted on her Tumblr for Secundus Sunday.

“Did you even get properly introduced to Chester like you did to Ferdy?”: Lightning was introduced to Ferdinand in a giftfic V wrote for me for Christmas 2016.

“Babies don’t think in words”: This came from the book Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger. This scene was an actual idea I’d had a while back as its own story.

“Small kids and animals will always see them”: This was a constant thing for AL that kids under five and all animals can see her wings. It comes from “Quantum Leap” where the same holds true about others seeing Al as a hologram.

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