Trivia and In-Jokes:

About the Story:
Secundus was my friend V’s (Flaming Trails on FanFiction.Net) 2010 entry for NaNoWriMo. While I’m a huge fan of her fanfics and will greedily devour anything she writes, Secundus for some reason was special. AL doesn’t just invade anyone’s universe after all, and for some reason she really wanted to be a part of this one.
            The idea originally came to me in the shower (don’t judge me) near the end of April 2012 – Chapter 15 was the latest chapter posted and she’d been in The Zone in writing Chapter 19. I didn’t want AL to take over like she usually does because Secundus is Victor’s story. In its original version I’d flip-flopped trying to decide between writing it in AL’s POV and Victor’s POV (Victor won because, again, it’s Victor’s story) and I thought it was choppy until AL showed up. The original story was finished in May of 2012 and it wasn’t until I finally got a version of Microsoft FrontPage that worked with Vista (November 2015) that I decided that I would revise and rewrite the story to make it flow better – a Blu-Ray version as it were.
            This story takes place between Chapters Nine and Ten. AL is an alternate version who never met the Doctor and went Creative due to the explosion that killed her family rather than losing her memory. The descriptions of the house and clinic were edited once I built the buildings in The Sims 2; the sign is green in-game (I couldn’t find a red one to download), hence why it’s green in-story.

Fern Arable: Originally AL didn’t have anyone working for her. Fern is from Charlotte’s Web, though I aged her up a little since she’s 8 in the book/movie. I chose her because she seemed to be able to understand the animals at her uncle’s farm without actually directly speaking to them.

Plimsolls: The UK equivalent of a sneaker developed in the 1830s.

Ditzy Doo/Derpy: A kind of unnamed character in the current series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Derpy is a fan name and it was planned that the unseen pony named Ditzy Doo would be her. Her voice is the unaltered one from the original version of “The Last Roundup” and not the redub or the voice she had in “Slice of Life”.

Itchie: My real-life dog that really does have a corneal edema and poor bladder control unless she’s got her front paws on someone’s leg. She was 11 in the original version of the story because she was 11 at the time of the original writing. The real Itchie was named after the dog in the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven and originally AL stated that she was from the future and the movie was the reason for picking the name.

The generator: AL’s generator was originally stored in the basement, however truthfully that’s not really a good place to store something gas powered like that for fear of CO2 fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning, so I moved it to the roof of the house.

The four horses: Shada is my personal horse in real life. Cuatro is a trail horse (named because he’s from Mexico and he has four black legs) and Diego is owned by people I know. Dragonfire (not her real name; it’s from the Seventh Doctor episode of Doctor Who of the same name) was a horse that I rode the month before I got Shada.

“I’m half human on my mother’s side.”: A controversial line said by the Eighth Doctor in the Doctor Who TV Movie from 1996.

Adam Steel: Adam is What Could Have Been with the show VR Troopers. The show’s – called Cybertron – original premise was a vehicle for Jason David Frank who had played Tommy on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. When Tommy proved to be so popular that they wanted to bring the character back, JDF went back to Power Rangers and Brad Hawkins was called in to play Ryan Steele and Cybertron became VR Troopers. In the Prime Universe, AL dates Ryan so I thought that for this alternate universe I would bring in an alternate version of one of her guys.

More than meets the eye: From Transformers.

The bunny scene: Borrowed from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games. It’s a very sweet scene between Human!Fluttershy and Human!Twilight (not Pony!Human!Twilight). The movie’s on Netflix; check it out.

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