Title: Out of Sight
Unicorns of Alnilam
Wind Chaser
040. Sight
Artist's Notes:
She was playing a short distance away from us. I could hear her very clearly, and her scent reached my nose quite easily. But due to my...condition...I could not see her. She was my daughter, my life, my world, my Wind Chaser, and I could not see her. I am Blind Spot, and was born blind. However, one day, something changed. My mate, Lead Line, found something during one of our walks. She called it a "collar". Around my neck, attaching her tail to it, I could suddenly see, but only the outlines of objects, and only when they weren't too far away. This is how I could see, now. How I could see my precious daughter. And she's beautiful.
The image is how Blind Spot sees when a special collar is around his neck. This collar attaches to the leash-like tail of his mate, Lead Line, and psychically links them. As long as this connection is established, he can see the outlines of close objects. Wind Chaser was born on Thanksgiving Day of 1999 (making her 6 years old as of this writing) and she was something her parents truly could be thankful for.