Title: The End
Unicorns of Alnilam
Mirage and Aislin
030. Death
PG (Blood, but nothing graphic)
Artist's Notes:
A lifetime ago, it seems, yearlings Mirage and Aislin were the best of friends, and it was widely believed they'd become mates when they got older. Unfortunately, one fateful night while out playing, Mirage was infected by a virus long thought to be extinct. Though Aislin tried his best to help her to the Healer, she collapsed, unable to move. Aislin stayed with her, and she passed away that night.
Mirage is the green one with the cut on her leg, and Aislin is the blue one. These guys were originally created when I was still in high school writing a story for an English class (and I didn't know at the time that "Aislin" is actually a girl's name), and they've since have had cameos in a few of my fanfics.