The Christmas that Almost Never Was...
(Which might tell you how this ends ^^;)

T'was two weeks before Christmas, and all through Lisa's house
Not a creature wasn't fighting, not even the little mouse...
Stella 5 was abustle, with one thought on her mind--
To ruin this year's holiday. What a spectacular find!
To create havoc with time, disrupt a family affair...
And to make Lisa's life miserable. Like 5 cared...

The Evil Genius went along with her plotting and scheming
Knowing, as Evil Geniuses do, that no one could be dreaming
Of disrupting her plans, her play and her romp.
No do-gooder would to *her* plans, stomp!

Around about the console she flew, her hair behind her like wind
Turning knobs, turning screws... many sounds did she lend.
The TARDIS itself did shutter and shiver
And 5's mind, with anticipation, did quiver.
Her plans were sound, her hearts in every one...
But should she really be making others angry for fun?

"No matter," she muttered, while pulling the view screen
To see the disastorous mayhem ensueing.
Yes! A war! A war like any other.
Man fighting man. Brother against brother.
"This looks like fun..." the black haired Stella did muse
Whilst noticing that her TTC had actually blown a fuse...

"Oh, dear..." she muttered, bending down to see
If she should try to repair it, or try to flee...
So much smoke--the console room filled in a flash
5 soon had her hands over her face...and then her sash.

An evil Jedicorn did step through the fumes
Lending an evil light to the room
A blood-red glow splashed across the walls
And finally, from the smoke... 5 falls.

Meanwhile, far away, our story lends a light
To the now quiet Lisa's house, where there was not a fight.
Da Hooman was nestled all snug on the couch
Free from the 5. The Stellie the Grouch. ((^^))
"Ish quiet in here," Da Hooman did sleepily mutter
Dreaming of pickles, of bread and of butter...
"Be glad," the Winged Wonder muttered right back
Trying to plan her very next attack.
If 5, with her evil plans of Christmas destruction, did win,
Lisa would not have a PS2 to play DDR in...
"We cannot have that," she growled to her papers...
To which Da Hooman replied "...cute and fluffy...bubbletapers..."

Lisa was accustomed to this nonsensical rhetoric
Because Da Hooman has no sensical to herselferic.
Making up wordums to fit in perspective
Growing new flavors of popcicle ac-a-tive...

Da Hooman was quite startled by a knock on the door
Of which Lisa answered -- And Ben was standing on the floor.
"What's up?" Lisa queried, worried beyond belief.
To which Ben replied -- "Zared. He's gone off with that theif..."
"What are you talking about? What's happened? What's wrong?!"
"Zared's wid Stellie wid Christmas," Ashee said, sing-song.

Lisa growled to herself, then spun on her toes.
"We can't let them do this." She pushed her glasses on her nose.
"Let's go, then. Let's get them! There's no time to waste!"
Da Hooman cried. "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Post haste!"
Ben and Lisa sighed, Da Hooman wouldn't do.
To have them ish one thing, but Da Hooman, too?

Lisa screamed silently ~Why couldn't she have stayed asleep?!~
And Ben just thought Ashee'd prolly follow them like a sheep...
"Maybe..." Lisa began. "It's best if you stayed..."
"But, Lisa! But, Ben! What if you get waylaid?!
I'd never forgive myself! I'd cry till I was blue!
If you two can go, then let Da Hooman go TOO!!!"

Ben and Lisa exchanged glances, to which Ashee understood
That they would, of course, let her go... But that wasn't good.
For Da Hooman was hooman, and blonde, moreover.
She dun know a Jedicorn from a fork or a Rover.
Trouble always got her whenever there was adventure...
Even when the gooder Stellies with her did try to censure...

Back in 5's TARDIS the smoke had finally cleared
The blood-red glow about the console room was smeared.
5 was soon waking with a terrible hangover...
~Its about time you were getting up. It is over.~

5 blinked in confusion, not understanding what he said.
And then, to the pit of her stomach, sank dread.
She had missed the war. All the fighting and chivalry.
~What are you thinking, Stella?! There IS NO chivalry!
You've reached a time before Christ. A war of Rome's!
A march over Celtic peoples and their homes!~

~Its time we were going... Christmas shall soon be weighed...~
To which 5 sighed...then with the console she played...
Time jumped backwards, then backflipped again.
On the Raven-Haired One's face was naught but a grin.
Soon the machine revved itself up,
Then flip-flopped forwards, right in Time's Cup.
They materialized in a church, right near the pulpit,
The TARDIS was shaped like that of an angelic poppit.

Outside of the doors, the malicious pair emerged.
And, without a notice, by the congregation they were surged.

"The Angel and Her Unicorn!" came the glorified cry.
It leaped from their lips, towards the clouds and the sky.
Like a fire, it spread, from the Church to the State
And the King, heavily crippled from so much extra weight.
Soon the whole kingdom came to view the evil pair...
(The onlookers thought they were benevolent and fair.)
"What strange clothes you wear..." "What a beautiful horse!"
"Away from the Angel...unless you have money, of course..."
The Bankers came from miles around...
To find fortunes in the pair that were found.

The Jedicorn soon tired of all of this, of course.
Firstly because they kept calling him a horse.
Secondly, because the Bankers were stealing!
Those fees should be his, not for those grubbers to be feeling...
Thirdly, this was NOT what he had in mind.
He wanted the worshippers of the brainless kind.

The Angel *ahem* Stella was tiring, too.
Nothing but madness! This place was a zoo!
Nothing like her planned chaos and mayhem
The cacophony might, by itself, slay them!

The Bankers were looming before them with glee
Because, with this lot, they could charge ANY fee!

Zared rethought his thirdly third in the line.
This brainless lot...of course! They'd be fine!
Stella could even get specimens for her projects
Even though, to his thoughts, most would be rejects.
This medieval team -- this grovelling grouped --
From them their Christmas shall from them be douped!

A collective sigh rang through the room
As some caught sight of the trio that did loom.
An Angel, quite fair, and bright, and good
With Ben, still hidden behind his Jedi's hood.
And Da Hooman, falling behind, her blonde hair shining
Tripping up so much and, inevitably, whining...

"ANOTHER ANGEL!" "We are, indeed blessed!"
"Go on," growled a banker. "Grab the money from the rest..."
"STELLA!" shouted Lisa, the Angel, the Winged Wonder,
Her voice riquocheted through the room like liquid thunder.
The Raven-Haired One looked up in confusion
Wondering why Lisa would have her face in such a contusion...

" you've found us, how..." Stella paused. "Nice."
Ben stepped up once, cleared his throat.
"Zared, this is no time to gloat..."
"Stellie, just come back home! I wanna go back to sleep!"
Da Hooman, of course, cared of nothing but counting sheep...

Zared sneered an equine sneer. ~You presume a lot...~
"I presume enough." And, after that, out his lightsaber shot.
It zinged through the air with a pleasant, low hum...
Da Hooman found a nice place to rest and suck her thumb...
Lisa sighed an irritated sigh. "This is ENOUGH."
She blinked. Everything vanished in a puff...

Lisa fell out of bed, from which arose such a clatter...
Fluffy fell, too, Da Hooman awoke to see what was the matter...
"What? Bad dream?" Ashee yawned, and then sighed.
Lisa quietly nodded and then in her bed she got back inside.

Waiting for Saint Nick, some two weeks after
The house of Lisa rang with laughter.
Stockings were scattered, candy canes were being munched.
Stellies 2 and 4 were in the kitchen making lunch.

5 was tied up in the corner with chains
Been there for two weeks, in spite of her pains.
Plotting a plan for next year's holiday distaster
She is, after all, the daughter of the Master...

Da Hooman was sleeping beneath the decorated spruce
Curled up between unopened prezzies and hugging her moose.
Too much excitement for one just too blonde
And too early. The afternoon ish the time that she ish fond.

Ben was hugging a plushie himself, too!
A newly stitched Alien Lisa plushie from the blonde wid da moo~
New PS2 games were laying about the floor
Books, toys and collectibles, not to mention more...

'Doctor Who' was playing on a television screen
And all the Stellies had to be wondering
How Earth creatures could come up with such a story...
And be mostly correct on everything. Should they worry?

The happiest tenant of all, though, was Lisa, the Winged One...
Who had a PS2 and DDR mat, on which she was having fun...
Ashley Wilson