Another Plot...


After the failed Christmas fiasco
The Raven-Haired Stella did muse
On her next new plot to un-do a holiday--
That, or make Lisa blow a fuse....

Valentine's Day came and went
And we heard no cackling coming from Five.
St. Patrick's Day, too, has gone away
We wonder if she's still alive~!

Easter was creaping ever so nearer
But not one plot did 5 draw out.
Surely we knew that her Seventh self, the Jedi
Would make her mind fill with doubt.

And then a plan, forth coming, its true,
Had formed within that devious noggin...
A plot, just right, and full of mischief--
To ruin the birthday of Lisa Fagan.

5 knew that the hooman had promised dear Lisa
Presents in number that even Ashee could not guess
Working on them whenever she could
To find something better to ruin, 5 would be hard-pressed.

So the wicked Time Lady set of at a run
To ruin the one thing that Lisa wanted most...
Getting presents RIGHT on her birthday
Will become a new-found ghost.

"Easy it is to sway the mind
Of a human", the wicked one did say,
"I'll simply calculate the date
And turn the calendar MY way!"

And so she did, and then she thought
Of when to perform this devious plot.
Perhaps now? Perhaps back then?
Its true, the Stellie just didn't know when...

Lord Zared peered over her shoulder
Grinning as he teased her ear...
"Go away", 5 muttered, obviously annoyed;
"No," Zared said, "Now listen here..."

"There is a time when human beings
Were stupid enough, (as if they could be any more blind)
To have half of their number 6 days ahead
And the other half 6 days behind!"

"Quiet, my dear, my Stella, my muse,
You'll make your blood-pressure sky rocket..."

Five grumbled and quieted
Bringing a chuckle from the Sith Lord
One thing he had learned, while he was around 5
Is that he could never, ever get bored.


For, coming next March, there will be a new evil,
And soon after, the Sithspawn will be yearning for Universal Upheaval.
Ashley Wilson