Gift-Fic: Do TARDISes Trump Raising The Dead?
by: Flaming Trails

What the – how can that be there?!

Victor stared at the large blue box sitting to one side of the fish statues that decorated the stairway into his house. It was a rather odd-looking box, with what appeared to be a set of doors on one side and some sort of light on top. He’d seen this box before – back at the beginning of this whole adventure. More accurately, he’d felt it – he’d ran straight into it while fleeing from Emily. He’d been briefly confused as to why there was a blue box in the woods, but fear and adrenaline had enabled him to dismiss the question as irrelevant while there was a corpse bride chasing him. Then Emily had caught up to him on the bridge, and with everything else that had happened, he’d completely forgotten about that particular strange event.

Until now, of course. He edged toward the box, wondering what, if anything, he should do about it. He’d just completed one of the oddest and most trying times of his life – did he really want to risk another adventure so soon?

Abruptly, the doors in front of him opened, and out popped a youngish man in a bow tie. “Now then, let’s see – oh, here again? I thought we – oh. Hello.”

Victor gaped for a moment. He had a vague memory of this man (and a young lady) helping him off the ground after he’d run into the box, but he had absolutely no idea who he was. And what he was doing coming out of a box. “H-hello.”

The man looked him up and down. “Fixed suit – take it you’ve just come from the church?” Victor nodded numbly. “Everything settled then? Emily off to a better place, Barkis off to a worse one?”

Victor felt his jaw drop. “H-how do you – ”

“Let’s just say it’s a talent of mine. Don’t worry, everything’s happened as it ought to,” the man said over him. “I know you’re a little sad over Emily being off, but trust me, you’ll see her again. After all, you collect butterflies, don’t you?” Victor just nodded again. The man gave him a grin. “Right. Now, if you’ll excuse me – galaxies to save, space-time continuum to look after, tea to drink – you know how it is.”

With that, the man disappeared inside the box again. Victor caught a quick glimpse of the inside before the doors shut (which seemed to include three other people, how did that work?). Then there was an extremely odd “vworp” noise, and the box simply faded away into the night air. Victor stared at the spot it had been a moment. Then, he shook his head and headed for the stairs. “I’m just putting this down to a hallucination due to lack of sleep.”

The End