Gift-Fic: To the Stars
Flaming Trails


The Victors clustered in front of the open TARDIS doors, staring out at the bright collection of stars and gases swirling before them. “It’s beautiful,” Butterfly Boy whispered, reaching out toward the edge of the oxygen bubble as if he hoped to touch the light itself.

“Careful – bubble won’t pop, but you could do some nasty things to your fingers,” Eleven called in warning.

Butterfly Boy quickly pulled his hand back. “Sorry,” he murmured. “It’s just – wow.”

“Amazing,” Dead Girls agreed, nodding. “And just think – we’re closer to it than almost anybody’s ever been.”

“What really amazes me is that there’s more than one of these,” Tie-Twister said. “I mean, one in the shape of a butterfly is almost believable – but three? What are the odds?”

“Obviously better than we thought,” Forgotten Vows said with a smirk.

“Oh, the odds never really matter,” Eight called from where he was fiddling with something on the control board. “Take it from someone who’s beaten them more times than he can count. Having fun?”

“Plenty, thank you.” Forgotten Vows managed to tear his eyes away from the view outside briefly to look around the space-time machine. “Your ship is absolutely amazing. It’s funny to think that I met it in human form once.”

“What? The TARDIS?” Tie-Twister said, blinking.

“Doc met a human-form TARDIS in the Nexus once,” Dead Girls said. “Nice young lady, from what he said. Is there one in Mallow Hallow then?”

“No – I encountered a male version in a daemon universe AU meme,” Forgotten Vows explained. “It was an interesting meeting, to say the least.”

“What sort of daemon did he have?” Butterfly Boy asked, curious. “I know Vic’s got the dormouse Lucinda for us – I’ve had her in one of those memes myself.”

“Isn’t she sweet?” Forgotten Vows grinned. “Well, you’ll like this – he had a – ”

He stopped dead suddenly, eyes going wide. Then, with no warning, he burst out laughing. The other three frowned at him, confused. “What is it?” Butterfly Boy asked, arching an eyebrow.

“He had a butterfly daemon,” Forgotten Vows giggled. “And I finally understand why it was named Nebulae.”

The End