Gift-Fic: Couldn’t Just Order Up Some Nectar?
Flaming Trails

“We’re home! Flint, I – what the – ”

“Great Scott! What happened here?” Doc gasped, eyes wide.

“Looks like a hurricane hit,” Marty said, staring around the yard. Branches littered the ground, the table and chairs were scattered to the four corners, and one tree was lying on its side, roots dangling from its bottom as its leaves rotted in the grass. “Did somebody have a crazy weather event while we were gone?”

“I don’t know!” Victor looked around wildly, feeling panic rise up within him. “Flint? Ferdy? Ferdinand?!” Oh no – nothing could have happened to them – he couldn’t lose his beloved pet, not after the trip he’d just been on –

Something barreled into him, knocking him to the ground. For a moment, Victor was ready to scream – then the familiar feeling of a fuzzy proboscis running over his face turned it into a relieved laugh. “Ferdy!” he cried, his frantic heartbeat slowing. “Oh thank God – ”

“Oh thank God!”

Flint Lockwood’s face appeared in his peripheral vision, eyes wide with anxiety and hair in worse disarray than usual. “Victor, I’m so sorry about this!” he declared, windmilling his arms. “His food ran out the other day, and I tried mixing up a new batch, and – uh – ” His eyes flicked left and right. “I think I got the ratio of sugar to water wrong.”

Victor looked up at his fellow scientist, then at his riding butterfly, who was now bouncing around crazily trying to knock Marty, Doc, and Alice over too. “Oh Flint…” He groaned and rubbed his face. “Well, at least this explains what happened to the yard…”

The End