Gift-Fic: Surrounded by Madboys
by: Flaming Trails

“Oh, come on!”

The Tenth Doctor honed in on the annoyed voice, finding one of the Martys standing at the men’s room door. “What seems to be the trouble?” he asked, willing to lend a hand.

“It’s stuck,” the Marty (which one was he? The Tenth Doctor had trouble telling them apart sometimes, without Lisa to act as a guide) complained. “I’ve been shoving for five minutes, and – well, nothing!” He banged the wood with his fist, muttering to himself. “Stupid door…”

“Here, let me have a go,” the Tenth Doctor said, pulling out his trusty sonic screwdriver. He pointed it at the door and switched it on. A minute of gentle vibration later, the door swung open easily. “Aha! There, all set.”

The Marty looked suitably impressed. “Hey, that was pretty cool! How’d you do that?”

“Sonic screwdriver,” the Tenth Doctor replied, holding it up with a grin. “Screwdriver that’s – sonic.”

“Can I see?” The Tenth Doctor handed it over. The Marty (damn, he really wished he knew which one it was) examined it from all angles, flicking it on and off. “Man, this looks neat. Though the vibration rate seems a little slow…and you could work some on the sound aspect, the whine gets a little annoying.” A strange smile appeared on the Marty’s face. “Yeah, lots of room for improvement…

The Tenth Doctor stared. Something was – very wrong here. He’d only seen that kind of smile and heard that kind of voice coming out of – well, TeenDoc. Why was Marty sounding like that? “What?” he said, for lack of anything better.

Marty looked over at him. “Come on, this doesn’t interest you? I bet we could make it so this thing could level a building if you needed to!

“I – really don’t – ”

“Oh, hey Doctor!” Victoria came up behind him, giving him a quick hug before noticing the Marty. “I see you’ve met Narbonic.”

“Who?” the Tenth Doctor said, wriggling out of her grip.

“Narbonic!Marty. He’s from a BTTF/Narbonic crossover I did. Another webcomic about Mad Scientists – kinda like Girl Genius, only set in the present day and focusing on more ‘evil’ Mads.” She smirked over at Narbonic!Marty, who was still examining the sonic screwdriver, grin widening. “I can’t believe you let him hold that.”

“What? Why?” the Tenth Doctor said, alarms ringing in his head.

“Well, it’s just that Narbonic!Marty is unique in that – he’s Mad too. The story I wrote was about his breakthrough as a Mad Scientist. He’s a sound spark.” She patted the Tenth Doctor on the back. “He’s probably come up with fifteen ways to improve that screwdriver of yours already. And heaven help you if he teams up with Narbonic!Doc or TeenDoc…”

Hey, yeah! I bet they’d want in on this. TeenDoc’s Marty too – hey guys!

“They do not need in on this!” the Tenth Doctor said, quickly grabbing the screwdriver from Marty’s hands. He had no desire to see it disassembled, even if it was for improvements. “My screwdriver is fine!”

“But – ”

“No buts!” The Tenth Doctor quickly made a break for the bar, sticking his screwdriver in his pocket and muttering to himself. He generally liked the various Docs and Martys that populated the bar – he just didn’t like having his equipment messed with. He sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of root beer.

Two minutes later, he’d retrieved his screwdriver from TeenDoc and given all the Mads a stern talking-to.

The End