Gift-Fic: Living Arrangements
by: Flaming Trails

“It’s a bit odd, when you think about it.”

Doc looked over at his current drinking companion. “Pardon?”

“Your living situation,” the Tenth Doctor elaborated, looking thoughtful. “I don’t quite understand it. I mean, I understand the basic principle – wanting a fictional world with the people you love populating it. I’m part of one of those, after all. But with Lisa, that involves a number of different men. With Victoria – she picks eight versions of the same person?”

“Nine these days, almost,” Doc said, sipping his juice. “And don’t forget Victor.”

The Tenth Doctor frowned. “Well, yes, there is him – but – how do you keep it all straight? Don’t you ever want a little variety? Doesn’t she?”

Doc shrugged. “There’s enough differences between us that it’s not exactly like talking to yourself. It’s – it might be comparable to when you meet a previous incarnation. There’s some of the same basic personality traits underneath, but otherwise it’s like seeing an entirely new person. Granted, in our case, the sameness is amplified to a much greater degree, but – you can’t really compare me to HatterDoc or TeenDoc.” He waved a hand around the bar. “And if we really feel the need for companionship outside each other, we can always come here.”

The Tenth Doctor nodded. “I suppose. But what about Victoria?”

“She’s utterly obsessed with Back To The Future. I don’t think having multiple versions of the same man bothers her. Probably gives her orgy thoughts she can use to torture us with.” Doc suddenly smirked. “Besides, if she started opening her headspace to every man she found attractive, you’d probably end up there.”

“…You know, sameness can be very good.”

The End