Gift-Fic: The Triumphant Return of One J.C. Jones
by: Flaming Trails


Lisa’s head snapped up from her book. “What the – ”


“Lisa?” Luke popped his head into the living room. “I know it’s a cliché, but I feel a great disturbance in the Force.”

“I hear it,” Lisa replied, putting down her book and getting up. “It sounds like it's coming from the woods. Think someone came in through a Forest Gate and got on Woodhorn’s bad side?”

“Sounds reasonable to me. Think we should go rescue him or her?”

There was another loud crash from outside. “Yes, if only to make sure my house doesn’t get wrecked.”

The Tenth incarnation of the Doctor joined them outside, frowning. “We’re not responsible for that,” he said immediately upon seeing Lisa.

Lisa giggled. “I know you’re not. We think someone’s upset Woodhorn by dropping by unexpectedly.”

“He gets upset even when people drop by expectedly,” Ten pointed out.

“Yeah, but – ”

The conversation was cut short by someone running out of the woods. Said someone appeared to be female, with long blond hair and clad in a green dress of some sort. Lisa arched an eyebrow. The person looked oddly familiar, but it was hard to get a good look at her, the way she was speeding along…

Luke blinked. “What is that thing in her hand?”

Ten squinted. “Looks like a – a mallet of some sort, only the head’s carved like a flamingo.”

The person finally skidded to a stop a few feet away from the group, breathing heavily. “Damn – pointy-headed – horses!” she gasped, pressing her free hand to her chest. “That’ll – teach me – to portal-jump – indiscriminately.” She patted the mallet. “Good thing I got you first, huh? Thank God for Alice…”

Lisa stared. Could it really be…? “J.C.?” she said tentatively, inching forward.

The girl looked up. “Lisa!” she said, grinning. “Guess I ended up on your home turf, eh? Good to see you again.”

Lisa smiled back. “Good to see you too – didn’t think I ever would again.”

Luke and Ten looked between the two girls. “This is a friend of yours?” Ten asked, puzzled. “I don’t recall meeting her.”

J.C. looked over at him. Her smile got bigger. “Ooooh, who’s this?” she asked, abruptly leaping into the very startled Doctor’s arms. “This one’s cute.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. Trust J.C. to do this. “Off, Josie,” she said firmly. “He’s the Doctor, if you must know.”

“The Doctor? Your Doctor? Never heard of a yummy version before,” J.C. said, grinning flirtatiously at him.

“It’s none of your business whether he’s yummy or not. Off!”

J.C. sighed and climbed off the time traveler. “Chill, he’s not cute enough to risk your wrath. And my heart will always belong to Doc, you know that.”

“Lisa, who is she?” Ten demanded, inching behind Luke a bit.

“Josephine Caroline Jones – J.C. for short,” J.C. introduced herself. “Also known as Fangirl.”

“She’s V’s author avatar,” Lisa added. “For a couple of her humor fics. Remember? ‘Catfight?’ ‘Doc Hunter?’” Lisa shot the girl a look. “I thought V didn’t let you out of humor.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t roam around a little on my own,” J.C. said, waving her mallet. “I’m her fangirl side, after all. If there’s boys to hug and squee over, I’m there.” She grinned at the mallet. “And I’m loving the McGee obsession. This thing is the coolest. Not to mention an oh-so-sexy Hatter…”

Luke and Ten looked at each other. “This is Victoria’s fangirl side? This explains quite a bit about her,” Luke admitted.

J.C. laughed. “Don’t it? I was actually aiming for her muse house – guess I got confused a little.” She looked around. “Nice place you’ve got, Lisa – except for that one nasty unicorn. What’s with him?”

“Human hunters killed his brother – he’s pretty much nasty to anyone who comes through the gates,” Lisa explained. “I can get you to V’s place easy – her boys generally come to visit for birthdays and such, so we’ve got our own portal thing going.”

J.C. gave Ten a rather sultry look. “Maybe I’ll stay for just a little while…”

“No flirting with my Doctor!”

“Oh, come on, a little flirting never hurt anybody…”

Luke and Ten looked at each other as the girls started arguing. “Time to escape to the Inkwell?”

“I’m with you.”

The End