Gift-Fic: Height Chart
by: Flaming Trails

“Er – what is this?”

“Huh?” Lisa looked over at where Victor was pointing on her computer. “Oh, that’s just something I did when I was bored and needed a way to fill the time. I found this site that lets you compare heights, and I got curious about my guys – and gal, now, with One-Three. So I found out all their heights and did a line-up!”

“Oh.” Victor scrolled over, looking at the various colored figures as they went past. “Hmm…five foot nine, five foot nine, five foot eleven, six feet even…you seem to have a thing for taller gentlemen.”

Lisa giggled, her wings fluttering slightly. “Yeah, well, if I can’t be tall, I can at least hang onto people who are. With a couple of exceptions.” She leaned over and drew a circle in the air around the blue figure of Thirteen, standing between a lighter-blue Jesse and a purple Clark. “I’m pretty sure she’s the shortest of the group – only three inches taller than me.”

“I think you’re right,” Victor said, scrolling on. He paused briefly on Doc’s yellow silhouette with a smile, then continued to the end. “Yes, definitely the shortest. Wonder how she feels about that.”

“Eh, I think if she knew, she wouldn’t care. She’s got other things to worry about.”

“Fair enough.” Victor went back for a moment, scanning over the numbers atop each figure. “Huh – is it just me, or do you usually go for men who are five foot nine?”

“I thought the most common height was six feet,” Lisa said, frowning as she looked at the screen. “Go back again, slower this time.” Victor obliged. “Okay, so for six feet, we’ve got – Nine, Twelve, Clark, Eleven…huh! That’s it? I thought Doc – oh, wait, no, that’s right, he’s six foot one! Okay, so how many of them are that height?”

“Let’s see – Doc, Gary, Ten, Five, Wesley…that’s five,” Victor reported, going back and forth. “And for five foot nine…Ryan, War Doctor, Coulson, Luke, Phoenix, and Eight – seven!”

“Okay, you’re right.” Lisa scratched her head. “And nobody’s shorter than five and a half feet. I really do like ‘em tall.”

“Mmmm.” Victor glanced at her. “I have to ask – does it ever get frustrating? Having the ones you love be so much taller than you?”

“You forget – I’ve got a lot of ways to make myself a little taller,” Lisa responded, with a quick flutter of her wings. “Besides – does Alice ever complain about your overly-tall butt?”

Victor laughed. “No, she’s just not shy about making me bend over.” He grinned. “Though I do notice that none of your lot are as tall as I am.”

“Hey, Erik comes close! Only an inch shy!” She nudged him. “Besides, having you over has made me think – I might need to update this list. After all, I’ve got Doc on it – might as well have some other friends too, right?”

Victor blinked – then smiled as it clicked, the tips of his ears turning pink. “I see.”

“Plus, adding you gives me an excuse to add Alice too and have someone even closer to my height,” Lisa added, smirking. “Yay.”

“Oh, if that’s the only thing you care about, just add Marty next to Doc,” Victor told her. “He’s five foot four, remember?”

“Oooh, yeah…”

The End