Gift-Fic: Some Minor Mayhem Ensues 
by: Flaming Trails

“Take it easy, TeenDoc! You’re gonna yank my arm off!”

Ah, I’ll just have my uncle Klaus sew it back on for you.

TrilMarty rolled his eyes. “I keep forgetting regular logic doesn’t work on Sparks…”

TeenDoc abruptly skidded to a stop, causing TrilMarty to nearly crash into him. “Hey, what gives?”

“Sorry, just – what are they doing?”

TrilMarty looked where TeenDoc was pointing. Inside the room were AL’s four incarnations of the Doctor – 5, 8, 9, and 10 – working on what appeared to be an extremely high-tech stereo system. “Guess they’re getting the sound ready.”

TeenDoc nodded, examining the tangle of wires curiously. Suddenly, a mischievous smile crossed his face. Motioning for TrilMarty to be quiet, he snuck up behind 10, who was busy adjusting the power input. He waited until the Time Lord was done, then pounced on him, crying “DADDY!”

10 nearly leapt out of his skin. “What?! Who?!”

“Yes, that would be you.”

10 glared back at the grinning TeenDoc. “I’m not ready for form 11 just yet.”

“Daddy?” 5 repeated, looking confused.

“Blame Vic – she got this idea into her head about a BTTF/Who crossover that had you being Doc’s father,” TrilMarty explained, chuckling.

“Well, considering my real father was one of the greatest heroes to walk Europa Wulfenbach and a renowned mad scientist to boot, I don’t think having the Doctor here father me would be much of a stretch.” He climbed off 10 and looked at the stereo. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get the sound system ready,” 8 said, keeping a tight hold on his sonic screwdriver. “It’s been giving us some trouble.”

“Is that why the lights keep flickering?” TrilMarty asked.

“Basically,” 5 confirmed.

“Can I help?”

The Doctors eyed each other nervously. “I think we have it covered, kid,” 9 finally said, going back to his work.

“Aww, come on,” TeenDoc pleaded, trying the puppy dog eyes.

“No! Look, we all know about your history of blowing things up – ”

“That happens with all of us!”

“Even still! And there’s the incident with you trying to steal one of the sonic screwdrivers, and your apparent tendency to try and IMPROVE things – ” 9 shook his head firmly. “We have this project WELL in hand without your interference!”

The lights promptly went out. “Doctor!” AL’s voice yelled from downstairs.

“I love the smell of irony in the morning.”

“Shut up, kid.”

The End