Gift-Fic: Crash Bang Boom
by: Flaming Trails

“Hey guys!”

Alien Lisa popped into the Inkwell as per usual, looking excited. “I’ve got some – guys?”

She turned around in a circle, frowning. The Inkwell was empty. This wasn’t normal (if you could define “normal” for a place like this). “Hello?” she called, venturing toward the kitchens. “Anyone around?”

A blue, half-rotted head topped with a decaying chef’s hat poked out of the doorway. “Oh, hello Miss Lisa,” Mrs. Plum greeted her. “What brings you by?”

“The same thing as usual – visiting the gang,” AL said, frowning. “Where are they?”

“They went over to the muse house, dearie. Apparently something happened there, and they were needed.”

“Vic’s place?” AL frowned deeper. That didn’t sound promising. “I guess I’d better get over there, then. Thanks, Mrs. Plum.”

“Anytime, Miss Lisa.” AL nodded and teleported herself over to the muse house.

To find – she wasn’t sure what she found, exactly. It seemed that anyone who had ever resided in Vic’s head was out on the front lawn. Looking over the crowd, AL saw that most of the Docs were in various states of dishevelment – VampDoc2 was dripping wet, OckDoc’s hair was sticking almost straight out of his scalp, TeenDoc’s face was covered in soot, and so on and so forth. They were all looking anywhere but at each other, scuffing their feet and generally looking awkward and embarrassed. Tie-Twister Victor and the Inkwell crew were standing on the sidelines, looking at the group of Docs with various expressions of shock, amusement, and “what the hell were you guys thinking?” AL quietly sidled up to the nearest person, which happened to be Alice. “Did something explode?” she asked quietly.

Alice jumped slightly, then turned to AL with a half-smirk, half-frown. “You know, it’s only manners to introduce yourself first,” she mock-scolded. “But yes, in a way. Apparently our good doctors here decided to have a fight.”

AL’s eyes widened. That was definitely a new one on her – at least, when it came to Vic’s group. Her own boys liked to squabble – especially the Doctors – but Vic’s muses and RP characters always seemed to get along just fine. “A fight? Seriously?”

Alice nodded. “From what we’ve been able to piece together, HatterDoc’s teapot Bernie got in the way of one of VampDoc’s experiments. VampDoc began yelling at HatterDoc about how useless his creations were, HatterDoc started yelling back, OckDoc’s name was mentioned, which drew him into the argument, and it went on that way until finally everyone was yelling at everyone else. And then, VampDoc2 apparently punched DocWolf, and it turned into a lab free-for-all.”

AL gaped. “Wow. I – I gotta admit, I’m – kind of surprised the house is still standing,” she confessed.

Alice snorted. “Us too,” she said. “Eight versions of a highly-intelligent scientist, most with superpowers? It’s a good thing Clockwork wasn’t around to join in on the fight; I’m pretty sure the house would have been leveled then.”

AL nodded. “So, uh, how’d we get here?”

“Tie-Twister Victor heard the commotion, and when he couldn’t find Vic, he came and got us,” Alice explained. “We managed to break things up rather effectively. Vic finally came home and read them the riot act. She’s currently fixing the damage inside.”


Alice tilted her head. “So, then, what brings you by?”

“I was gonna tell you something, but I think it can wait,” AL said, holding up a hand. “You guys get things straightened out here. I’m gonna head back.”

“All right. We’ll see you later, then.”

“Yeah. Good luck over here.” AL turned to find a quieter place to teleport from, muttering, “And as soon as I get back, all those Doctors are getting hugs for at least not trying to blow up the place when they fight.”

The End