Gift-Fic: Everything Begins Somewhere
Flaming Trails

“You are not going to believe the top story in the paper today.”

“Marty, I’ve lived here five years,” Victor retorted from his position in front of the wingnut bin. “I’m married to the city’s most famous monster killer, my best friends own a time-traveling flying steam train, I speak regularly with Her Majesty’s White Knight and his wife, I get my hats from a person more mechanics than flesh and whose wife is a Reanimated, and I myself am the proud creator of a riding butterfly. What in the Gears & Grind could possibly shock me by now?”

“How about Hiccup Haddock managing to levitate the whole island his village lives on by accident?”


Snickering, Marty handed over the paper. Victor flipped it open and read. According to the article, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III had been testing an anti-gravitational device as a potential aid for weak-flying dragons – only for the field generated by said device to envelop the whole of Berk and rip it clean out of the sea. It was now floating a good seven miles up, thankfully immune to the various winds that swirled around up there. Even more amazing, the Berkians were quite happy with this turn of events, having immediately turned down Hiccup’s apologies and promises to reverse the effect. In fact: “We’re hoping to levitate more islands – unoccupied ones of course – and use them as a proper dragon sanctuary! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at breeding more hybrids, and this ‘dragon vale’ would be the perfect place!”

Victor folded the paper up and handed it back. “Okay, so maybe I can still get shocked occasionally.” He contemplated a wingnut. “…think they’ll allow visitors up there?”

The End