Gift-Fic: Docs and Doctors
by: Flaming Trails

“So! Forty-three years and ten incarnations. I believe that deserves a toast.” OckDoc and the tentacles all held up their glasses. “To the good Doctor! May the TARDIS eventually look like something other than a police call box.”

The assembled Doctors rolled their eyes, but drank anyway. “Well, it may not have the ‘style’ of your DeLorean, but I think we beat you out on technology,” Ten added as OckDoc sat down.

“Well, I’m not a super-intelligent alien.”

Nine smirked. “Which is odd, since you have almost as many forms as us. Seven versions, was it?”

“Eight. Well, eight muses. If you go by stories, there’s twelve.”

“Twelve?!” Five repeated, startled.

“Yup,” VampDoc nodded. “Besides the eight muses, we have the X-Doc of the BTTF/X-Men crossovers, TrilogyDoc of Trilogy – ”

“Poor guy’s the only normal one among us,” TeenDoc added.

“Humor/TASDoc of the Humor stories – it’s really the only place she uses anything of the TAS – and the NarbonicDoc from the persistent Narbonic plotbunny.”

The Doctors stared. “Um, how much free time does this girl have?”

“Not enough to actually FINISH any stories,” VampDoc2 muttered.

“Hey, at least she starts them,” Eight said.

Lisa glared. “I’m writing this, aren’t I? Muses sometimes…”

The End